Monday, 13 November 2017

Week 57 - keeping positive despite some frustration

Monday - after P-day we had a FHE with Lucas, Rosio and her family and we taught about the responsibilities of the family and we asked another couple to come (members) and they played the game "if you know your spouse", and we ended up winning haha

Tuesday - was a bit of a hard day we ended up walking the whole day and contacted a lot of people but no one was interested in the Gospel

Wednesday - we had divisions (splits) with the Sister Leaders and I was with Hermana Martinau. In the morning we tried to share the light of Christ video with her (mormon message) but she kept talking and not paying a lot of attention so we tried to explain what the video was about and then we ended with a prayer and left. In the afternoon we tried to visit a few people but they weren't home. All of our contacts during the day were amazing like people told us that they can't wait for us to come. Then at 4 that afternoon Hermana Quiroga called us to start walking back because the bus leaves at 5 so that we could finish officially and walk to the terminal. It was Cynthias birthday so we stopped by and wished her a happy birthday and gave her a card we made then we went to Familia Sanabria and taught them a bit.

Thursday -in the morning it rained really hard thankfully it stopped before lunch. Funny thing is, people are not so accepting when the weather is a little ugly but we were able to teach some folks. We went to Laura again (an elderly lady) and she still doesn't understand what we are saying. I admit we were getting a little frazzled trying to explain it, but we just invited her to truly ask God and he will help you know what church is true. We then went to Jose and got to know his wife and daughter. We passed by for Lucas as well and they said the mom of Rosio knows someone that will help them set a wedding date YAY!

Friday - we had a conference with Elder Bragg and Elder Christensen, and it was wonderful! They talked a lot about being obedient and how to better our prayers.

Saturday - in the morning Lucas said that on Sunday they were going to talk to a brother and on Monday they can set a maybe as early as on Friday! We taught Luis again and it seems like he just gives us the answers we want to hear because he doesn't want offend us, we tried to invite him to the church and that we would pass by for him but he didn't give us a straight answer until 10 minuets after. After lunch we contacted a lot and then went to another town to visit a recent convert and to teach his mom as well

Sunday - we passed by for Luis but he wasn't home so we walked to the church without him. After lunch and studies we taught for like 15 minutes and left a pamphlet for him and then we had consejo de rama (advice from the Branch) and then choir for the branch conference next week

Chomping on some Empanadas

Capturing a Sun Dog in Apostoles

Monday, 6 November 2017

Week 56 - busy busy and Kissy Face babies

Tuesday - in the morning we went to a member to give some clothes that Hermanna Katalin left behind for and then we went to visit Melany. Her mom is a member but she isn't and we taught her the restoration and she seem to understand but didn't talk a lot. Other people were answering the questions for her, but she paid attention, I think.  We then went to Chela and she is nice but doesn't understand about the Priesthood very well because previously the Hermanna's before us invited her to be baptized but she said no because she said that baptism is a one time thing. Still, she told us she had defended the church to her daughter-in-law and when she prayed she felt really good. We also took a call from a lady asking us to come visit her so we went and shared with her the Restoration of the Gospel. Before we could even finish she was telling us that she would like to know what church is true but there isn't a way to know. We kept trying to tell her to ask God in prayer for an answer but she didn't understand.

Wednesday -we called the gas company so that we could bring a new gas bottle for our stove to cook and they said to call again later and they will come. So we left to meet with officials to try to see if there was a day open for Rosio and Lucas to get married...but they told us that the couple themselves have to come and ask - not us! Instead, we then went to a man named Jose and he was really nice but had very little time to visit so we shared a scripture and left to buy food to cook. As instructed, we called the gas company again and they said they had already passed by but no one was home so they left - and now they weren't open any more! We tried calling another company to deliver the gas bottle and waited forever, and then called again. They said their delivery guys were a street away so we waited a bit more....finally we walked to a small store, got a new, full bottle/cannister and changed it ourselves. Our neighbor helped us connect it to the stove. After cooking - we taught Familia Sanabria and took a photo or two of their baby (I'll put them below) then taught the family about faith. We found out one of the sons and the mom had birthdays coming soon and tucked that tidbit away in our memory. Then we went and taught Lucas and he said that the due date for their baby was supposed to be Saturday and he and the Mom-to-be were really excited.

Thursday - we taught Melany again about the Plan of Salvation but with little drawings this time and she was talking and answering the questions and she remembered all of it. We had lunch appointment with a member and their baby always makes "kissy" faces when you say "Chanchito" so we took a picture with her doing it, afterwards we went to teach a new contact person and it went really well so we invited her to be baptized. She admitted to us she is actually already a member! but she hasn't gone to church for years. We later also met with Franco and taught him about the 10 commandments.

Friday - in the morning we had a district meeting and then we went back and taught Familia Sanabria again, and brought little gifts for those who had birthdays (we remembered!) and taught about the Book of Mormon

Saturday - we wanted to check in with Lucas in the evening to see if they had had their baby yet, but they hadn't yet :(

Sunday - after lunch and everything we had a FHE with Cynthia and Yovani and their family and at first it seemed like the kids weren't paying attention but they came around and soon they we all participating and having a lot of fun and then we ate pizza (I like pizza).

Beautiful Kissy Face

We can't quite pull it off but we are trying!

Beautiful Babe
Making PIZZA for us

Posing with a giant Mural of Christ

Mom and a beauty!

still a beauty
I also heard back from my former companions and they sent me pictures of Adriana and Mariana's Baptism!

P.S. I am in a small town and so during el siesta or nap time everything is closed. I have loved everywhere I have served, however, this area (Apostoles) just might be my favourite - the people are very accepting!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 55 - Making a little progress in our new area

Monday - after getting all our stuff done for P-day (Personal Day) we were suppose to have pizza with a contact (person) that the Sisters before had made, but we were early so we walked around contacting other people and then she said she couldn't do it because she would be coming home late from work so we just kept contacting.

Tuesday - in the morning we had a district meeting where we read a talk called "The Consecrated Missionary", then we came back bought some Empanadas and ate lunch in our apartment. Afterwards we went trying to find people, and we found one wonderful woman named Dailila and we talked with her and got to know her and sang a hymn. We then went to see Lucas to see how he was doing and go over anything he didn't remember. He was good but was fighting a bit with his girlfriend and she said that if he doesn't take more responsibility she won't be with we invited them to talk things out one day every week ,the good and the bad, and they agreed to do it.

Wednesday - In the morning we went to Marta and her son was there with her. We taught about the Restoration and Pablo (the son) understood really well, but Marta has the thought that all the churches are good because they talk about God and she doesn't need to change. When we are teaching she doesn't seem to put all of her attention on what we are explaining but she does like to listen to us. We invited them to pray about what church is true because there is only one that is guided by God and the son said yes while she said that she always pray to God.

Thursday - in the morning we visited Marie to see if she needed help again and asked if we could help her clean or buy food, but she said that she had just bought food so we visited with her for a bit instead. Then we went to Alejandra who has a son named Yovani and the previous Sisters had given her the Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read, so we asked if she had any questions or if there was something she didn't understand. She admitted she was confused about our purpose here. After we explained everything she brought out their new puppy and we played a bit (named Wawa - see the pictures below) with it. Our lunch appointment was with a family and the brother is super talented; he makes things from WWII or from the past from cardboard (even into dioramas) and paints it himself and everything. We were able to teach Franco as well and we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he accepted everything!  He was a little confused about tea (avoiding strong caffeinated hot drinks) but he was willing to follow everything. At night we got a call from a sister in the same town but in a different branch saying she had a reference person for us and the she would meet us at the church in the evening to go with us and teach her

Friday - in the morning, we taught Silvia about the Restoration of the Gospel and invited her to pray and even to baptism but she said "mmmm, lets see how this goes first" but agreed to pray to know if it is true. We then went on and taught Marta again and her son wasn't there. She did reveal she feels really good with us there - even better than with someone from her same religion, so maybe with time she will accept everything. In the evening we met with the member and she told us that the son of the reference from Thursday (Nelly) had died just a bit ago, and that he was 19. She is struggling with it. Usually we would teach the plan of salvation but we decided to teach the Restoration and talk about this sealing power (the Priesthood) that is now on the earth again and when we asked her if she believes that the families can be together forever. She said no, she also told us that she doesn't leave her house or anything and that her daughter asked her if God exists, we invited them both to pray and they agreed.

Saturday - in the morning we taught Familia (Family) Sanabria and taught them the Plan of Salvation and talked a bit about the Temples and the mom told us that she didn't know that the families could be together with Heavenly Father.

Sunday - we tried to get Franco to go to church but he was sleeping because he didn't sleep well at night but his mom wasn't very happy with him. After church the weather completely changed from like a freshness and cool looking clouds and strong winds (I have more pictures below of the strange cloud formations). We also had lunch with Cynthia and after gave her a challenge to keep the Sabbath Day holy for all of November and to see the difference in her life and that by the end of the month she will be prepared enough to receive her blessing. We also taught Franco and shared scriptures about faith.

WWII PT Boat - outta cardboard

Amazing Cardboard art
Amazing German Tank WWII - Cardboard Art

Me wishing my mom a happy birthday!
By the town Sign - Me

Sister Q by the Town Sign

Still the old VW Bug

praying for lunch?
Enjoying some ZA! (pizza)
Me happy with Pizza

Sister Q having trouble getting it down
Wawa the Star Puppy

WWII German Fighter jet - yep, it's Cardboard

More Cardboard Crafts
Strange clouds or what
More Strange Clouds
Ooops, am I still eating pizza?
 P.S. - it is summer her again...i got sun burnt again but there have been lots of storms and so it has rained a bit here which makes it harder to work, but nicer to walk.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Week 54 - my first week in my NEW AREA Apostoles!

Monday - My first day in my new area - I slept a lot, we didn't do much because we were both really tired from all the craziness from the days before (getting transferred)

Tuesday - in the morning we tried to take care of the basic essentials - like buying food and paying for the apartment because Monday everything was closed. Once we had that taken care of - we went to Yovani who is a convert of Hna Quiroga (my new companion) and her former companion and talked about service We also went to a lady who sells Picole (like Popsicles) and we taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and she seemed really interested. She admitted that it was a little hard to understand me but she was really paying attention when I talked. I was really shocked to hear that. 

Wednesday - in the morning we went to find a lady by the name of Monica but she wasn't there. Her kids were though so we taught them, but they really didn't seem interested at all. So we kept walking in the scorching heat and found a man named Miguel who we planned to visit in the evening but he invited us to sit down then and there - in the shade - and we got to know him and talked about faith and prayer. Later in the day we visited Lucas whose girlfriend is member and they are about to have a baby. He would like to be baptized but they have to get married and they weren't sure if they were going to do that so we taught about enduring and to have goals.

Thursday - we taught an older lady in the morning and she kept saying she would like to know the true church but as we were teaching her about the Restoration she didn't seem to listen - just kept saying "u-huh" every once in a we just invited her to pray and ask God. We also taught Franco who has a day set to be baptized but he doesn't seem to come to church so we taught him about the Sacrament and the importance of coming to church. We also met and elderly lady who is 90 years young. She was just sitting there and we asked her if we could help, but said no then told us all about her life haha! So we offered to come another day and help her with whatever she needed

Friday - in the morning our goal was finding people...we did find one lady who saw us and happily invited us in, then asked us to come back another day to eat with her. In the afternoon we kept trying to find more people and came across a 15 year old boy who really liked what we had and asked us to pray so that he can go back to church. He even said his uncle might be interested in the Gospel as well - so we went to the house of the uncle and he an his family were busy carrying bricks to their house to build, so we helped them instead of teaching but promised we would come back another day.

Saturday - it rained really hard but we left our apartment anyway and went to the 90 years young lady who's name is Mari - and bought some things she needed then visited with her for a bit. She was really grateful because she didn't have anything and couldn't go out in the rain to buy the stuff she required. Other than that - all the rest of the day was us just walking and walking and walking because no one was home or they were sleeping. 

Sunday - Franco said the he was just about to shower then he would come to church when we called on him. However, he didn't come so we called again and his sister said that he and his mom went somewhere instead.
I didn't have any new pictures but here are some ones from before....with my previous companion Sister Martinez

P.S. Here is some extra details of my new area and is great here!  There are a few people in the works from before I got here that want to hear the Gospel BUT we are finding a lot of new people as well. I guess the Lord wants me here! Overall, the people here are really nice and our interest is better than Villa Cabello or Taicuari but it's because the people are more accepting AND it is also because the people think it is a sin if they don't accept us because we have the word of God. Also, my new area is really chill and CLEAN compared to the rest of Argentina (what little of the country that I have seen). There are a lot of people who work in electricity here as well, like all the men. My new companion Hna Quiroga is awesome a real gag haha she has been here for 2 transfers and only has 2 transfers in the mission. I got sun burnt really bad here and there is more wind here I think but it is still hot!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

One Year and One Week - a rough start but off to a new area!

Tuesday - I woke up not feeling well and took my temperature and it was I slept in the morning until lunch then we went to Mariana and taught her about tithing and the prophet. We went back to our place and I tried to get more rest

Wednesday - it rained a bit and my fever was even worse. We didn't have anything to make lunch so we waited until the rain stopped so we could go buy some food. After we (I) rested a bit then went to Adriana in the house of another member and taught her about tithing and the prophet today as well. Then we went to Mariana's again, but she wasn't there so we told her helper that we could come back in the morning the next day.

Thursday - I still didn't feel well so we called a sister from the ward to stay with me so that I could rest well and Hna. Martinez and Hna. Mollo could go out and do the Lord's work. In the morning some people came to fix our alarm and then we made lunch with the little bit that we had and then Hna Duarte (the member) and I slept until 4.30 when the Hnas came back and she went home, then we went to the church to wait for Mariana for her interview for Baptism but she didn't come.

Friday - Finally - I felt a lot better, but it was raining like crazy and in the morning it was a lightning storm as well. We were told not to leave until the lightning stopped but thankfully it didn't last long (but the rain did). We went to Mariana to see what had happened and she was really upset because her helper really didn't help the day before and wanted money because she was going to leave and so Mariana was running around trying to take out some money. That's why she didn't come. She was really mad at the helper and so we shared about the Atonement of Christ, because she felt like no one understands her or cares for her.

Saturday - there was a baptism in Lavalle of Agustin who contacted us one day some time ago and said that he wanted to serve a mission, so we went to his baptism and then it took a long time to get on the bus to get back and eat the lunch we had scheduled with a member. Luckily they understood and we let them know before we got there that we were running late. We contacted for the rest of the time that day, and found out that I am being transferred! My new area is Apostoles (about an hour south of Posadas by car) and I am serving with Hermanna Quiroga and that I was to be at the terminal at 4 the next day.

Sunday - I only slept 3 hours as I was trying to organize a bunch of things and wasn't even close to being done...but luckily the other sisters helped me before we left for lunch and we got it done after lunch we went to the terminal and waited until my companion came and then we left for my new area.
A member helping to "embellecer" me

Hanging with some local Kids

Tres Companeros (Three Companions)

One Year!!!!

Monday - I bought new shoes for like 5 dollars or less because my shoes finally gave up the ghost.

Tuesday - in the morning we tried to get Mariana because she seems to be busy with her step-father but she wasn't there so we contacted a bit and then went to lunch. After we went to see a bunch of other people that we had planned for but they weren't there either - batting a thousand. So, we went to the house of Adriana (first time we have been to her house) and we taught her the 10 commandments and answered her hard questions and she understood really well then she left for a bit with her mom to buy facturas (buns) to share and her sister came out.....and no one talked until she asked "what does Mormon mean?" She also admitted she heard that our Apostles and members worship a head of a pig! As we were talking with the sister, Adriana and her mom came back and her mom as well had a lot of questions and we ended up talking about a little of every lesson and even Adriana was teaching and testifying to her family. It was one of the best lessons I have ever been in. They seemed more interested in fighting/arguing or seeing if we know things like in the bible - but afterwards they invited us to come back another day.

Wednesday - the night before we had taken a call from an Elder asking us if we received a reference he had sent 8 weeks ago - and we said no. He started to give us the directions but we stopped him and asked for the name of the reference and said that it was Susana! It was so cool -  we never got the reference but about the same time that he sent it we contacted at the house of Susana and have been teaching her since! Anyways, Wednesday morning we went and taught her about the restoration - all of it. After the lesson she admitted that she really likes when we come over. That afternoon, we just contacted a lot because no one else that we were planning to see was home. We did try to see Mariana again but she had people over and said that her step-father had just died. We offered to help but she said she was fine and that really it was a blessing that he had died because now he is not suffering.

Thursday - in the morning we went for a meeting planned for Hermanna Mollo and it took a long time. We were suppose to have also have an interview with Pres. Svec but he had to leave a little early. So we went and taught Mariana about the word of wisdom and she said no cafe?? (coffee??) "Noo, you can ask me anything but don't take away my coffee!" haha but she was willing to not drink coffee and try Malta instead, she also said the she would like to be baptized on the 14th 

Friday -we had zone conference in the morning and I hit the 1 year mark in the mission!!! Woo Hooo! Afterwards we went to teach Susana but she had family over so we made an appointment for another day. Instead we went to visit some local church members and got caught in the rain without umbrellas...oops.

Saturday - in the morning we had a district meeting, then after lunch we visited a member then tried finding a reference but couldnt' find her, even though we walked one point to the other looking. We did teach Susana and her granddaughter and grandson about the resurrection. The grand-kids were really interested and asked some questions. We tried to meet up with Mariana but she just left to buy groceries so we left the Malta we had bought for her with a note for her to try it. We went to a house of a member to plan a Family Home Evening with Mariana but they told us that there had been an accident of 2 members in Villa Cabello - Brother Matias and Sister Graciela and that they were not doing well.

Sunday - I went to church again for 4 hours and Adriana came then after lunch and studies, we got to meet up with Mariana. She said she really liked the Malta we had left her and so did her daughter and friend as well. We taught the law of chastity...and she said that she was trying to find a way to give the "talk" (about sex) with her daughter and that she will use the pamphlet we gave her to help haha. Later that day - we were visiting another member when we received the news Sister Graciela had died but Brother Matias was doing better health wise. We returned to the apartment, said a prayer then just went to bed.

Taking a little lunch break

Some birds we saw while out walking

Just barely made it in before the rain...some got my skirt

Our new plant friends

Picking a fruit (moras) - doesn't have much flavour but it's really hard to describe the flavour it does have

A local brother getting in on the action!

chicas super poderosas! Super Powerful Girls!
So it has been one full year in the mission field....I was asked if I have changed? - Well, I have grown up (not height wise) and I seem to be more calm when bad things happen and I am trying to trust in the Lord more
P.S - the Elders stay out one hour later than us...we go in at 8 and they go in at 9. They want the Sisters in earlier because it gets really dark and there are a lot of drunks out at night