Tuesday, 17 October 2017

One Year and One Week - a rough start but off to a new area!

Tuesday - I woke up not feeling well and took my temperature and it was I slept in the morning until lunch then we went to Mariana and taught her about tithing and the prophet. We went back to our place and I tried to get more rest

Wednesday - it rained a bit and my fever was even worse. We didn't have anything to make lunch so we waited until the rain stopped so we could go buy some food. After we (I) rested a bit then went to Adriana in the house of another member and taught her about tithing and the prophet today as well. Then we went to Mariana's again, but she wasn't there so we told her helper that we could come back in the morning the next day.

Thursday - I still didn't feel well so we called a sister from the ward to stay with me so that I could rest well and Hna. Martinez and Hna. Mollo could go out and do the Lord's work. In the morning some people came to fix our alarm and then we made lunch with the little bit that we had and then Hna Duarte (the member) and I slept until 4.30 when the Hnas came back and she went home, then we went to the church to wait for Mariana for her interview for Baptism but she didn't come.

Friday - Finally - I felt a lot better, but it was raining like crazy and in the morning it was a lightning storm as well. We were told not to leave until the lightning stopped but thankfully it didn't last long (but the rain did). We went to Mariana to see what had happened and she was really upset because her helper really didn't help the day before and wanted money because she was going to leave and so Mariana was running around trying to take out some money. That's why she didn't come. She was really mad at the helper and so we shared about the Atonement of Christ, because she felt like no one understands her or cares for her.

Saturday - there was a baptism in Lavalle of Agustin who contacted us one day some time ago and said that he wanted to serve a mission, so we went to his baptism and then it took a long time to get on the bus to get back and eat the lunch we had scheduled with a member. Luckily they understood and we let them know before we got there that we were running late. We contacted for the rest of the time that day, and found out that I am being transferred! My new area is Apostoles (about an hour south of Posadas by car) and I am serving with Hermanna Quiroga and that I was to be at the terminal at 4 the next day.

Sunday - I only slept 3 hours as I was trying to organize a bunch of things and wasn't even close to being done...but luckily the other sisters helped me before we left for lunch and we got it done after lunch we went to the terminal and waited until my companion came and then we left for my new area.
A member helping to "embellecer" me

Hanging with some local Kids

Tres Companeros (Three Companions)

One Year!!!!

Monday - I bought new shoes for like 5 dollars or less because my shoes finally gave up the ghost.

Tuesday - in the morning we tried to get Mariana because she seems to be busy with her step-father but she wasn't there so we contacted a bit and then went to lunch. After we went to see a bunch of other people that we had planned for but they weren't there either - batting a thousand. So, we went to the house of Adriana (first time we have been to her house) and we taught her the 10 commandments and answered her hard questions and she understood really well then she left for a bit with her mom to buy facturas (buns) to share and her sister came out.....and no one talked until she asked "what does Mormon mean?" She also admitted she heard that our Apostles and members worship a head of a pig! As we were talking with the sister, Adriana and her mom came back and her mom as well had a lot of questions and we ended up talking about a little of every lesson and even Adriana was teaching and testifying to her family. It was one of the best lessons I have ever been in. They seemed more interested in fighting/arguing or seeing if we know things like in the bible - but afterwards they invited us to come back another day.

Wednesday - the night before we had taken a call from an Elder asking us if we received a reference he had sent 8 weeks ago - and we said no. He started to give us the directions but we stopped him and asked for the name of the reference and said that it was Susana! It was so cool -  we never got the reference but about the same time that he sent it we contacted at the house of Susana and have been teaching her since! Anyways, Wednesday morning we went and taught her about the restoration - all of it. After the lesson she admitted that she really likes when we come over. That afternoon, we just contacted a lot because no one else that we were planning to see was home. We did try to see Mariana again but she had people over and said that her step-father had just died. We offered to help but she said she was fine and that really it was a blessing that he had died because now he is not suffering.

Thursday - in the morning we went for a meeting planned for Hermanna Mollo and it took a long time. We were suppose to have also have an interview with Pres. Svec but he had to leave a little early. So we went and taught Mariana about the word of wisdom and she said no cafe?? (coffee??) "Noo, you can ask me anything but don't take away my coffee!" haha but she was willing to not drink coffee and try Malta instead, she also said the she would like to be baptized on the 14th 

Friday -we had zone conference in the morning and I hit the 1 year mark in the mission!!! Woo Hooo! Afterwards we went to teach Susana but she had family over so we made an appointment for another day. Instead we went to visit some local church members and got caught in the rain without umbrellas...oops.

Saturday - in the morning we had a district meeting, then after lunch we visited a member then tried finding a reference but couldnt' find her, even though we walked one point to the other looking. We did teach Susana and her granddaughter and grandson about the resurrection. The grand-kids were really interested and asked some questions. We tried to meet up with Mariana but she just left to buy groceries so we left the Malta we had bought for her with a note for her to try it. We went to a house of a member to plan a Family Home Evening with Mariana but they told us that there had been an accident of 2 members in Villa Cabello - Brother Matias and Sister Graciela and that they were not doing well.

Sunday - I went to church again for 4 hours and Adriana came then after lunch and studies, we got to meet up with Mariana. She said she really liked the Malta we had left her and so did her daughter and friend as well. We taught the law of chastity...and she said that she was trying to find a way to give the "talk" (about sex) with her daughter and that she will use the pamphlet we gave her to help haha. Later that day - we were visiting another member when we received the news Sister Graciela had died but Brother Matias was doing better health wise. We returned to the apartment, said a prayer then just went to bed.

Taking a little lunch break

Some birds we saw while out walking

Just barely made it in before the rain...some got my skirt

Our new plant friends

Picking a fruit (moras) - doesn't have much flavour but it's really hard to describe the flavour it does have

A local brother getting in on the action!

chicas super poderosas! Super Powerful Girls!
So it has been one full year in the mission field....I was asked if I have changed? - Well, I have grown up (not height wise) and I seem to be more calm when bad things happen and I am trying to trust in the Lord more
P.S - the Elders stay out one hour later than us...we go in at 8 and they go in at 9. They want the Sisters in earlier because it gets really dark and there are a lot of drunks out at night

Monday, 2 October 2017


Tuesday - was crazy in the morning we just contacted after trying to find Silvia but she wasn't there. After lunch we went to Mariana and I think because we came at 1:30 she thought that we hadn't eaten and so she put mashed potatoes which she had made with cooked up some pattys to give us and we were already so full from lunch but luckily we were able to eat it (it was yummy we were and then we finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation. She has a lot less questions now, then we went to Felizita (a reference from a member) and it was only her but the member also brought cake to the lesson. We taught her about faith and repentance. We ran to the bus to take to Villa Cabello to teach Adriana also about the Plan of Salvation, and she told us that her niece has cancer and didn't know how to comfort her friend, but now she does! She confirmed she had received her answer and she will be baptized but that her family is giving her a hard time about it. Still, she said she would rather be on the right path with only her son than on the wrong one with everyone. Afterwards an Elder came home from his mission and the Relief Society sisters asked us to sing with them.

Wednesday - in the morning we tried to find an investigator but she wasn't there so we just went out contacting again until lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the center to take and print out photos for Hna. Mollo for her government documents, but the place wasn't open yet so we ate ice cream (which was sooo hard lol) and it still wasn't open even though it said it would be so we walked around and talked to some people and then finally it was open when we checked a THIRD time. After we got all that sorted out, we went back to the church to give a sister a Book of Mormon to give away and helped with her ward's theater presentation and then went back to our area and did our studies.

Thursday - in the morning Hna. Mollo had her tramites (formalities - paperwork) that took the whole morning then we had lunch and a lesson with Adriana and other members about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and her grandson also said that he would like to be baptized!

Friday - we went to Mariana in the morning but she was busy and about to leave to visit her step dad in the hospital. After lunch was a bunch of walking around because no one was home or they were about to leave. 

Saturday - after studies we went to the center for the paperwork again, but then went to a french cafe - and all the things had coffee with it except for the sandwiches so we got and I got a brownie that was really rich ... it was hard to even eat half of it so I gave the other half to Hna. Martinez who wanted it. Then General Conference!!! It is a bi-annual worldwide conference the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has every April and October. It was really good - I was able to see that they talked a lot about enduring to the end, even Adriana came to listen to the speakesr

Sunday - we went to get a girl who was supposed to be a member...and the situation got kind of weird (not with her) During the first session of Day 2 of the conference, there was a crazy storm and the girl said she needed to we showed her the bus stop and waited for the bus with her. As we were waiting at the stop - an electric box exploded behind us and the members that were watching us from afar went in to tell the Elders. In the meantime, the bus arrived and she left and as we were walking back the Elders were coming to get us haha.  A little too late. Anyways, the Conference was super awesome I watched all of it in Spanish because I was the only sister that speaks English in this area, they said that I could watch it in English with the Elders ALONE but I felt uncomfortable so I just watched it in Spanish. I couldn't belive that Elder Hales passed away either during the break on Sunday. It was sooo nice that I got to see all of the Conference though.

French Cafe treat

Getting ready for the day

Getting haircut

hmmm do I like it?

Herbs in a grapefruit

One scared puppy
A scary photo bomb!

P.S. I love you all because I feel it in my heart

Monday, 25 September 2017

Gathering Souls for Baptism

Tuesday - the Hermanna's in Villa Cabello (my companions) were teaching a lady (Silvia) in their area but then she moved to my we went and found her house and continued teaching her. She is really good she understands a lot and when her uncle came in and started telling us that he knows more than us - she told him we were talking about something different and then asked us to continue. After lunch (after a lot of contacting) we taught Adriana, but she was talking with a friend in Buenos Aires (who is member) and had a lot of questions about the Word of Wisdom and why we can't drink wine if Christ drank it. So that is what we had the lesson on, we had other plans, but it ended up working out because we even invited her to be baptized and she accepted! So we are preparing for the 7th of October. After that we went to the Doctor for hna. Martinez and everything is all going well.

Wednesday - in the morning we had divisions again. Hna. Mollo and I were with Hna. Martinau in our areas, and Hna. Martinez was with Hna. Miranda in Lavalle. We have been buying flowers for the families that give us lunch during the week to plant and they have all been super happy when we bring them. After lunch this day though - I really didn't feel well. I think it was the mix of the heat (36' C) and eating a lot that did it. Also, we were out all day because no one wanted anything, in fact we got a few "never come back agains!" but we didn't take it to heart and instead we went to Mariana and taught her about the Book of Mormon. We made a challenge where we all thought up a question we wanted answered and then read in the Book of Mormon. Without saying anything Mariana was able to find her answer! We invited her for baptism too and she accepted...but then asked that the invitation come from someone with more authority and not someone like us.

Thursday - was another really hot day...we weren't able to teach like any one but we did visit a member. It was sooo warm we decided if Friday was the same kind of day we were going to fry an egg in the street :)

Friday - was a lot cooler so we didn't fry an egg, but we did have lunch with a member and her husband who is not a member and had a quick lesson where we showed a Mormon Message and he left during the video because the spirit was there and he felt uncomfortable. After we asked him what he thought about the video and he got a little defensive but it was a good lesson and he really is a good guy just needs more time. We also did weekly planning and drank Mate with milk

Saturday - we tried to teach Mariana again but she was sleeping so we tried for someone else in Villa Cabello but he was sleeping too so we visited his grandma who is member instead. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go to the General Womens' Conference because the hours are different here compared to Salt Lake City. Here it starts at like 9 at night which is too late for us - but we were able to visit Familia Duarte and shared a video of the Mormon Messages of "The Lost Purse" and they had some friends over who didn't seem all that interested but we were still able to have a lesson with them.

Sunday - in the morning we went to get Mariana and her kids to go to church and we were late to the first hour but Villa Cabello and Tacuari (a different ward/area) were having services together this Sunday and we were able to sit by her and Adriana during the classes. After lunch we went with a member (Hna. Recalde) with a reference that she had for us and it was an older couple where the husband has a sickness and the wife is a little shook up. They were so nice and then we said we had to go but the husband said "But I don't want them to leave." which was nice.  Then we taught Mariana about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then visited another member for a bit.

P.S. We are going to have 3 or 4 baptisms on the 7th of Oct. "we hope", keep your fingers crossed

Still trying to work out a system

Monday - We ate Pizza for lunch and that was yummy, they always put the olives on the pizza though. We had Family Home Evening (FHE) with members and an investigator - it was really a lesson and went so well! We also taught Adriana and she is in the Villa Cabello area (the area of my companions) and we taught her about the restoration and she just drank it up, she was so interested. When her friend, the member said he has the priesthood - she looked at him and us  like "WOW"!.

Tuesday - in the morning we went to try and find people no one was around so it didn't work out so we went contacting instead. After lunch we went to Mariana's for just a quick moment and we talked a bit about Christ and the Atonement. We also walked a lot in the both our areas but we weren't able to find many people because the weather was kinda gloomy and we didn't feel well.

Wednesday - we had divisions with the sister leaders and they were with me in my area. In the morning we gave a quick lesson to Susana about faith then had lunch with Familia Duarte and after wards were able to listen to them about how they are feeling. Later we walked to the ends of my area trying to find people but they weren't there again,. So we went to our lesson with Matias and met his girlfriend but she wasn't all that interested in listening to us, but he said he would come to church! We taught him about the plan of Salvation. 

Thursday - the divisions (with the Sister Leaders) ended then in the morning and we met Maru who is pretty awesome. We just spent the time getting to know her so we can know how to help her and she is awesome! She can see the importance of loving everyone and not excluding people. We had a lunch appointment and it was really yummy but I was SO EMBARASSED - after the meal I went to their bathroom and accidentley broke their toilet..... well, I didn't really "break" it but there was a ton of water all over the floor. I tried to help in the clean but the Mom said "no its ok my son will do it". She admitted the toilet is really sensitive and if you flush it to hard then it will overflow with water. didn't matter - I was still pretty humiliated After that disaster, we tried to find Mariana but she wasn't home so we taught a part member family just a short scripture instead.

Friday - in the morning we taught Susana the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sang for her. In the afternoon, we walked all over the center to find the place where Hermanna Martinez (the one from Guatamala) needed to be to talk to the doctor but they didn't have an open spot so we made an appointment for Tuesday instead.

Saturday - was Hna. Martinez´s birthday so, in the morning ,we made a card for her and then we had a district meeting where we continued the celebration with chocolate milk and sang to her. We were able to teach Adriana about the Book of Mormon and gave our favourite verse about Christ and invited her to read it and pray about it. The spirit was so strong during that lesson that afterwards hna. Martinez said that that was one of the most spiritual experiences in her mission! We tried again for Marian but she wasn't home. Hermano Carlos made a big surprise for Hermanna Martinez where we made Empanadas and ate cake.

Sunday - was little crazy because Villa Cabello has their meetings in the morning at 8:30 and then mine at 10 and because they are my companion and we share the two areas -  I went with them to their Church Service then stayed with a sister in mine until they finished. We also taught a little family from China and just got to know them and learned how to say hi how are you in Chinese (Nǐ hǎo or as we say KNEE HOW).
Gathering for Transfer

Using our Singing Talents

Tags at Sunset

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Another shocking and unexpected week!

Monday - was really calm and relaxing. We bought some stuff (I bought mate cups [a traditional Argentinian Drink] for my brother and sisters) and then went to visit Paula but she wasn't there. So we went to visit Familia Duarte and since Elba just died suddenly last week some of the family was there. At first we were just visiting, but then they had some questions and stuff so we ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation 

Tuesday - we went in the morning to visit Susana but she was just about to leave for her doctors appointment and asked us to come the next day instead. After lunch we just did a lot of walking and taught Dora again and she is really sweet, but I don't think she understands completely. Then it happened -  that night when we were all getting ready to go to bed...we got a call telling us there are going to be an emergency changes and Hermanna Martinez would be going to Obera with Hermanna Cardona (she lived with us before) and that Hermanna Risco would be my companion now. Also, we needed to be at the gathering place at 9 in  the morning so all night we helped Hna. Martinez pack so that she could be ready for tomorrow. Needless to say we didn't sleep until midnight.

Wednesday - so she finished packing the last things then we took a taxi to the terminal and we talked with everyone as we waited (Hna. Risco was coming from Iguazú) and she came with a leg brace having a hard time walking. She said she tore her ACL and the doctor told her she needed to rest and not walk. So, we took a taxi with the Elders to our apartment so that they could help her up (we live on the 2nd floor) - then I helped her put all her stuff away

Thursday - I called a member that we had our lunch appointment with, asking if they could bring the lunch to us instead. Hna Risco also asked for a blessing. During the rest of the day we watched some church movies but we basically cleaned, then we called another member to help us because Hna. Risco had an appointment at 7:30 pm for an MRI. We were so blessed - the member cooked some food for us and took us home and told us SHE was a blessed beyond measure for helping us because in the short time that Hna. Risco got her MRI - the member received 5 new clients.

Friday - again we didn't really do anything outside the apartment thanks to Hna. Risco's knee but then Pres. Svec called and told her the doctor said that she needs surgery for her knee! She would be going home that day for a bit to get better then she would be coming back to the mission. We rushed trying to pack and the sister leaders came and helped us as well, then the elders took her and I stayed with the sister leaders until the other Hermannas came back.

Saturday - in the morning we went to Villa Cabello and taught the sister of a member...then after lunch we taught Mariana and we talked about baptism but she wasn't willing to commit to a date to be baptized. I also received my new camera

Sunday - was stake conference with Elder Krasnoselski and we even had an investigator come (from villa cabello). After lunch and studies we visited Familia Duarte again and sang some hymns with them but as we started to walk back to the apartment there was lightning and strong wind, but no rain - yet. The Elders called us to ask us to hurry to our apartment because of the impending storm - almost as soon as we got in the Heavens opened up with the worst rain, even the power went out for a bit.
Conference with Elder Krasnoselski

Sisters Sharing Pie

Sisters in the Gospel and at Lunch

A Shock! Gone so fast!

Monday - Pday! so I bought makeup that also has sunscreen in it and I didn't know my colour because I have been under the sun so long who knows what colour I am. Anyways, the lady asked me if I go red like in my face so that she could offer me the best make up but she used the word "Rosacia" and its not a bad word just fancy but Hermana Martinez thought it was really funny and it has now become my "Latina" name. After p-day we went back to missionary work and we talked to a guy that doesn't believe in God. He said he used to, but then changed and thinks that it is all in our head. So we spent some time talking to him and after - he said he would like to hear more of what we have to say
Tuesday - We did divisions again with the Hermanas in villa cabello and I was with the other Hermana Martinez (not my companion) and there was no one we could meet with in the morning - so we contacted people and made some good contacts. In the afternoon, we taught Mariana and she always has a bunch of questions, but this time the way she was talking sounded as though she wants to be baptized! She and her daughters even received skirts from a friend because she heard they were coming to church and the friend wants to hear about it too. We also went to teach Jessica but she had to leave so we taught her daughter basically how to pray because she was really nervous and looked like she didn't want to be with us. We just took the time to get to know her then we came back a little early to switch partners again so the other Hermannas could do the studies that they have to do and Hermana Martinez (MY Hermanna Martinez) and I went to Jorge (who doesn't believe in God) and read the story of Korihor. He he took a picture of the pages to read more later, he even started to change a bit saying he is going to try and talk to God again
Wednesday - we tried to teach different people but no one could meet with us. Our friend, Paula had people fixing stuff so she couldn't accept us into her home either.
Thursday - in the morning we went to Familia Duarte so we could put more focus on Elba. She thinks she is doing really well with her health and everything but she was a little worried that her family and her aren't doing their family prayers every day. She said she does her own personal prayers though. Later we tried to find a contact we had made the other day but couldn't find the house. After lunch we tried to find a reference from the other Hermannas but couldn't find her, however, we found a young woman with schizophrenia that was happy to talk to us... but she was smoking and told us that she was pregnant too. She was with a lot of young children (that aren't hers they live next to her) that told her to stop smoking so that we could talk about God, so we sang a hymn and said a prayer. We were also able to make contact with Dora and she loves the bible! When we came, she grabbed her bible and sat down to listen to us and read along - she is an old woman but you can tell she really loves her Saviour.
Friday - we went to teach a new person we contacted who asked us to come this day but she wasn't home. After that we were given some sad news -  we got a call from Hermanna Duarte saying her mom (Elba) had just died and she asked us to come by but she was in another part of the city signing some papers. We walked all the way there...calling members as we walked to let them know. Hermanna Duarte was having a hard time but she was happy that we were there and she told us that it happened so quick (heart attack). We assured her that her mother had been baptized and was now in a good place. Our lunch appointment was with a member who also was really shocked that Elba was gone. We asked for permission to go to the open casket because the family asked us to be there for them. We talked with them about her stories that we remembered, and they said that she was never good at remembering what we taught but she always remembered what hour and what soap opera was on...haha. We also taught Matias, he is living with his girlfriend and their son and he wants to marry her and share the gospel with her. We also had another lesson with Dora - she didn't understand a lot but she is really good.
Sunday - Mariana and her kids came dressed for church and I taught the principles of the Gospel about Baptism and we are very hopeful she and her 2 daughters will be baptized soon!

Remembering Elba