Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My First Christmas out! Ups and downs...

Wow! So I don´t have my journal or old planner (because transfers are happening and so I have a new planner) but I´ll write what I remember.

Tuesday was P-day because Monday was a Christmas devotion with Pres. Svec and all the missionary's and we didn´t do much but at the end of the day Hna R (a member who is a nurse) looked at my mosquito bites and said that although it is inflamed it is not infected (YAY!) so she cleaned and put medicine on it and wrapped them - I will post a pic of my legs.

Wednesday - We finally got our stove!!! and desks and I got a closet so that was awesome! In the evening we taught F with Familia R (R family - including the nurse) and then planned Family home evening for the next day. We were going to teach F about the word of wisdom and law of chastity but it didn´t work out that way so I gave him the pamphlets to read and prepare questions.

Thursday - we taught Familia B and the kids are members (the missionary's have been working with the parents for 5 years), but the parents are not because they are not married. We planned to teach about family history and temple work but it ended up being about marriage and we were able to get them to commit to pray to ask God when they should be married, for a specific date so that was awesome! Then we tried to go to F's for FHE but he wasn´t home so we tried to call him but he didn´t answer.

Friday - we had weekly planing and tried calling F and Familia B but neither were answering. The past few days had been hard with people not being home, appointments falling through, and people not being interested, so after visiting Hno M in the hospital (the man who was in a coma) we each got a 1/2 kg bucket of ice-cream and ate that for supper (it was the best!).

Saturday - was Christmas Eve!! This is South America´s Christmas, so there were loud explosives and music everywhere! Still no one was answering their calls or opening their doors (except for 3 contacts we got at the park! but one lived in Posadas and was just visiting, and then the other two weren´t home when we tried to visit them later) but at night we had supper with Hermana C and Hna M which was super good, then we gave them the cards we made them with a bonbon inside and I sang Rock of Ages in Spanish for them.

Sunday - we only had church for an hour (and neither Familia B nor F came) so then we decided to visit F and he said that he had emergency work stuff and because he was working he didn´t have his phone on him. However he told us that he read the pamphlets and even though it is hard, he agrees with everything and will follow it (he is going to try and quit smoking cold turkey!) WHAT A CHRISTMAS GIFT we were so happy! and he said he is still really excited for his baptismal date and wants to teach his two little kids about the gospel! Then we were able to Skype with our families!! 

Today (Monday the 26th) - we went to Cataratas (the falls) and took tons of pictures (I will post some) and had lots of fun and met people from all over! We talked with people from Brazil, Germany, Israel, New York. That was really cool, and on the bus ride back we talked with a guy from New York but lived in Israel for 18 months and we taught him a bit and he is Jewish! it was really cool and it was all in English!! 

Tag at the falls
The Super Amazing Falls
Winona at the Falls 1

Winona at the Falls 2

Winona and more panoramic view

Winona and another angle of the Falls

At the outlook

Stopping at the stairs to the falls
Peace 1 in the shade

Peace 2 in the Sun

Sisters at the Falls

Winona on the tram to the falls
Sisters in the gospel and loving the falls
Winona's bitten, beaten, bloated and bandaged legs

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A little shine before Christmas

O.K. so I don´t really remember where I left off last week but....

Tuesday we woke up at 4:30 because we forgot the cell at a lady's house and we had to catch the bus to Eldorado (about an hour and a half drive from Iguazu) where we sang carols all day then all the Hermanas had FHE together where we decorated cakes (the new sisters vs. the old sister) 

Wednesday- again was mostly just practicing the Christmas song for Sunday. At noon we took the bus back to Iguazú and visited a family because it was the mom´s birthday so we wished her a happy birthday. We also met "T" who was baptized 4 years ago but doesn´t come to church. We gave him a book of Mormon, but he gave it back and asked us to write our testimonies in it.

Thursday - We cleaned and decorated our apartment for Christmas as we waited for people to bring us our kitchen (they didn´t come) so for lunch we had fruit and veggies. Then Hermana M called us and told us that her husband Hermano M woke up from his coma and was asking for us. We went and visited him and I couldn´t understand much of what he said, but he said that he is going to change his life. 

Friday - we had a Christmas activity for tons of people where some brothers from the church cooked meat and others brought salads and what-not. It was lots of fun! They really love their meat here because the meal was just meat (and the yummy potato salad the sister at our table made)

Saturday - in the morning we had our studies so in the afternoon we could go with some youth to sing at the senior center (there is no youth here, all the youth are inactive). We also gave out pictures of Christ and a pamphlet to the nurse. One of the elderly women kept trying to grab a pamphlet so we gave her one too (as well as an elderly man) because the nurse said they love to read. It was a great activity because the spirit was there and it was just a lot of fun! Then Hermana N and I visited F (who had broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to change his life for the Lord) and testified of the importance of reading the Book of Mormon, and that it is Satan telling him that he isn´t good enough to read it. Then I asked him to be baptised on January 14 and he said yes!! I was really shocked, and so was Hna N because she asked again and he said "yes I know this is true!" he also said how he was happy with the date as well because with the new year it will be a new him.

Sunday - after church we rode the bus to Eldorado again for the Christmas devotional we were practicing for and lots of people came (including Hermana and Presidente Svec our Missionary President and his wife). Oh P.S. - a big word to the wise if you ever come to Argentina DO NOT itch your mosquito bites or else your whole leg will swell up and the bite will get infected and it will be awful. But the devotional went really well.

Monday - was not P-day like normal. We had a meeting type thing with Hermana and Presidente Svec, their helpers, and the missionaries in the zone. We exchanged little gifts, and Hna and Pres. Svec taught about Christ...specifically why people rejected him as the Christ. Afterwards Hna N and I gave out the cards we made for everyone. Then we went back to Iguazú and went to the park and talked to a man who was really down. He has been homeless for about 3 months and his family is in Posadas and he separated from his wife. I was testifying of how much God loves him and as I was speaking I knew I was saying things that were not from me, and I seemed to speak with little to no problem - it was incredible! He even teared up at my words! 



Monday, 12 December 2016

A lot of little setbacks.

Tuesday - was my 2 month mark, it is crazy how fast time flys! That morning all of our appointments fell through so we kept contacting until lunch with M (name deleted to protect privacy) and her family which was super good. then we went to visit N and F, but N was sleeping so we just taught F and their kids are so cute! After we read some scriptures with him the son (who is 6) started clapping! F also told us that N wasn´t interested in talking to us anymore.

Wednesday- in the  morning we helped a sister prepare for her mission and gave her some advice (she is going to Brazil) after our studies we went to get F and the kids to go to FHE with M but when we got there, there was a big moving truck and N and the son was in it. After they left the Elders gave a blessing on F's house (because he was saying before there was a bad energy in the house). It was hard to see him and his daughter (she is 4) have a hard time saying goodbye to N, but he said it was for the best and that now he can change for God. They didn´t come to FHE but he thanked us for the blessing and the visit.

Thursday- We got two new investigators in the morning and one of them (G - he is 17) showed a lot of potential and said that he would come to church with us. After studies we had to get money to pay for our apartment and I thought it was in Hna N´s account and she thought that I had my card, and we got up the big hill to the bank and realized that neither of us had our cards. So we met with more people and then went back to the apartment and then got the money. We ran down the hill to our apartment to pay the guy and then we emailed Pres. Svec a happy birthday.

Friday- most of the day was the District meeting where we just sang a bunch of christmas hymns. We tried to visit F again but he was sleeping (that is super normal here because napping is a thing, but not for missionaries) and then we had the activity which was a movie.

Saturday- we visited a family that we visited earlier in the week with the sister preparing to go on a mission and we found out that the husband was in the hospital in a coma. We then taught about prayer and fasting and they commited to fast for him. We also visited F and the sister that was with us gave her testimony and he said that he hasn´t been reading the Book of Mormon because he doesn´t feel good enough to read it (but his son is), but he said that he is praying. We wanted to teach him but he had to go, but he said that he would come to church with us. 

Sunday- 17 year old G didn´t remember us (we texted him), F didn´t come to church either, but the primary had a presentation and that was really cute. Afterwards we visited the family with the father in the coma and that was hard because there was a lot of arguing between them and I could not understand anything, but we now know what they need help with, and we, the Elders, and Hna N gave scriptures and taught a bit. We were supposed to have FHE with another family but before we got there they called and said that they couldn't and as we were walking to visit M we realized the soccer game was on and everyone was going crazy. But we visited with M, her kids, and her dad who played the guitar and sang some songs.

P.S. it is weird to not have snow and to know Christmas is soon, it does not feel like Christmas. Every day and night people have fireworks and explosion type stuff, people are all decorated up, but I don't know about the music.

Monday, 5 December 2016

A lot of no's and a ray of sunshine!

okay so this week was crazy!

Monday- was P-day and that was pretty chill so nothing to say for Monday

Tuesday- We packed for a bit then contacted until lunch where we took a 6 hour bus ride to Posadas. We stayed at 2 other sister missionaries´ apartment (one of them came from the CCM with me) 

Wednesday- was the conference with Elder Braggs (With my companion´s accent I thought she said Elder Brat, but it is Elder Braggs) I was able to learn and get some good stuff from him and Pres. Svec, Hna. Svec, and the other speaker (I don´t remember his name) even though it was all in spanish. Then we all took a picture together with all the missionaries. After we took the bus back, but instead of going to Iguazú I went on a companion swap with Hermana H (she was roommates with Alyssa Doig in BYU what a small world) in El Dorado. 

Thursday- Hna. H and I did some errands in the morning which I did not mind at all. We had lunch with a member and she told me to have more food, but I thought she asked me if I had an empanada, and so I responded with yeah it was really good thank you. Then she asked Hermana H why I didn´t want more of her food (whoops) but then I said I would eat more, but I wasn´t very hungry (without knowing what she said to Hna. H) and then she was not offended anymore and said it was because I was new and not used to the heat and that I was drinking lots of water. In the afternoon Hna. H told me to rest for a bit because my chest cold was not getting any better, so I slept for a bit and then we contacted and everyone rejected us and instead of being upset I still thought it was a really good day. (because their excuses were really funny like "I cant' hear today" or "I don't live here" even though right before they were telling their kid to clean their room) 

Friday- I came back to Iguazú with Hna N and we had lunch with the branch president (because there are not wards here) and then later after my training studies we prepared for the activity we have every Friday (we watched a movie again) and as we were cleaning up it started raining so hard that the power went out! But I still got a blessing from the Elders (because I had been sick for more than a week and was not getting any better) and immediately I started feeling better (I am still not 100% but I don't feel sick anymore) and then they walked us home (because it was later than 8) and luckily for us it was barely raining.

Saturday- was a really good day we contacted lots and gave away 2 BOMs (and gave another to a member to give to someone who she thought should read it) I felt so great and happy, even though again lots of people said no to us.

Sunday- WAS THE BOMB! Elder Braggs came to our ward for sacrament meeting and gave a great talk, and then he askeed Hna. N and I if he could take a picture of us and send it to our family and say that we are awesome missionaries. He was so nice and really friendly as well as his family. He told me to not get too discouraged with spanish because he said that I am doing really well for only being 3 weeks out in the field. After church we had lunch with a member and then went and contacted and at the end of the day we went to visit and teach "N" who loved our message the last time we met with her, but she wasn´t home BUT her boyfriend was as well as his friend so we taught them and the boyfriend (F) also really loved our message! The friend at first kept saying oh I´m catholic no thank you, but eventually grabbed a chair and came and sat outside with us and asked lots of good questions, he still didn´t want to continue to meet with us but he agreed that the spirit was very strong with us. (F compared me to a blooming flower because when I talk I am very tender, and he compared Hna. N to a poet because she has very beautiful words and is very strong) They both kept saying how strong the spirit was and how we truly are daughters of God (F kept saying like I feel something in my heart) so we asked F if he would get baptized and he said yes!!!!! Our first lesson with him and he said yes to baptism and that he knows that what we taught is true. It was so wonderful because Hna N and I were fasting for a progressing investigator and wow was our fast answered

Sunday, 4 December 2016

An unexpected Thumbs Up!

Winona's family received an unexpected letter:
Dear Barton Family

As part of a mission tour I met your amazing daughter in Posadas and then had more time to speak to her today in Iguazu as we attended the Sacrament Service there.  Of course I always say nice things to parents about their children serving missions but Sister Bragg and I were so impressed with your sweet daughter.  She is going to touch the lives of many in her mission.  She is happy, healthy and working very hard.  She has an upbeat and dynamic companion too so they will be great.  They are in a very sweet and loving branch in an absolutely gorgeous part of the world.

Her Spanish is coming along fine although she doesn't see it.  I promised her that it would take off in a few months and she will be amazed.  I was just called to serve here after not speaking much Spanish for thirty some years so I can absolutely relate!

Seriously, Sister Barton is a blessing to her companion, her mission, her mission president and to this area.  Thank your or preparing such a wonderful missionary!

Un abrazo.


(General Authority Seventy Elder Mark A. Bragg was sustained as a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 2, 2016. At the time of his call, he had been serving as a member of the Fifth Quorum of the Seventy in the North America West Area. He is currently serving as a member of the South America South Area Presidency.)


Monday, 28 November 2016

Quick View of the Famous Falls

Just FYI - This is a view of the world famous falls in Iguazu National Park where many tourists go to visit.  They are on the Iguazu River just on the border of the Argentinian province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana. They are the largest waterfalls system in the world. For most of its course, the river flows through Brazil, however, most of the falls are on the Argentine side. (info courtesy of Wikipedia)

An extra loving heart watching over us!

Hello hna (hermana) Barton .... today we have lunch with your daughter, she is a great person, we have a great time, I loves them very much ... send many affections ... I am hna. C (name deleted to protect her privacy) and I love the missionary work ... Every missionary is like my daughter, I like to take care of them and serve them .... always send a picture of each activity !!!!! regards
Hna.C !!!!

(Above was translated from the original spanish she sent it in)

Sister C is a member who is the RS president. all of her children are married and live far enough away that she gets sad when she talks about it, but we are spending Christmas with her. We were eating lunch at her house.

Now for my normal routine - I wake up at 6:30 sometimes earlier depending if we have to travel or something. 8:00 is personal study and then after that we proselyte/visit people until lunch at 12:30 with members and then we proselyte until 8:00pm when we have to be in our apartment and plan, then 8:30 is companion study, and that is my day.
 Hermana Svec (our Mission President's wife) is very sweet and loving, President Svec seems very nice as well but they both speak spanish and I only met them when I arrived so I don't really know them that well yet.
 It is super hot I have been sun burnt a few times WITH my sunscreen and yes I have started using my umbrella which was a blessing because it rained last night...hard.

Putting my foot out there, and tripping on it!

Monday was P-day and we went to Hito (the small town I am in now) and then made pizza and wrote to our families (oh by the way I am in Iguazú) 

Tuesday- we took the bus to get me a bus card so that it will be cheaper, and on the bus we talked to a woman with her daughter and grandaughter and she said she wanted us to come visit her, so we did, and man oh man do they love to talk! They had good questions and shared many experiances, but they are strong in their faith but I know they would be super strong members if they were to convert to this church.

Wednesday - at first we planned to visit certain people but either they were not at home or were busy so we started knocking (or rather clapping) at houses. The second house we clapped at the woman let us teach her, and she said something about how she is trying to find the truth. So I started teaching about Joseph Smith and the first vision, and I was so proud of myself because I hadn´t talked much in lessons before, but when I finished the woman turned to my companion and asked what I said because she didn´t understand much of it. I was so upset! At the end we asked her to pray after we taught her how (she had never prayed before) and she started crying in her prayer and after thanked us a lot for our visit, so even though I may not be good at the language I know the Lord can, and will use me to help his children.

Friday- we had a zone meeting/practise for the "He is the light of the World" thing the church is doing for Christmas this year. On the bus ride back, the bus was super full so my companion and I - instead of sitting beside each other - sat one in front of the other. I sat beside a man, who was, well, very interesting to say the least. He believed in some weird theory I didn´t understand and he did not like what I was trying to teach him. I just made sure to just simply bare my testimony and then let him just talk out his speech which I didn't really understand. He didn't yell or anything but was very passionate about what he believed in. Luckily the man my companion sat by (and talked to, he was very interested in the church) left and so I said goodbye to the interesting man and sat by my companion. I couldn´t help but get frustrated again because I felt as though I was trying very hard to teach people, and I can't understand them and they can't understand me. As my companion said it was a blessing to not be able to understand the man because if I did it probably would have been worse, so I am grateful fot the care of my Father in Heaven.

Sunday- was a good Sabbath - I was able to understand more in church, and I am pretty sure that I am the music leader now, and afterwards we proselyted more. But on the way home it poured on us and luckily I brought my umbrella (because it is so hot and I am so white) but we still got soaked

Tomorrow we leave for Posadas so that on Wednesday we can have a conference with Elder Brat who is the second councelor to the area seventy and I am super excited for that!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Winona with her Mission President and Wife (Hermana y Presidente Svec)

In the mission field finally, but some details from the MTC (CCM)

I didnt realize that I hadn't mentioned anything about the other people in my district (at the CCM) well Elder C is very tall and is a theater kid, in fact his mom has done a lot of soaps, he is interesting and just says things that make you put your hand to your face, he is originally from New York but lives in Utah. Elder H is from Washington (the state) and lost his dad to cancer two years ago, he has a girl that he hopes to marry i think. He is kind of a farm boy, and he is super sweet. Elder K is crazy, he is from Las Vegas and loves to party, but I know that he will make a great missionary. Elder M is also very tall and he is from Utah as well. He is a convert and has a very strong spirit, he and Elder K like to party and make jokes about me being Canadian and a redhead - all in good nature of course. We were all able to grow so close and I know that the friendships we made are forever in fact we made up canadian thanksgiving and plan to have it every year together. Buenos Aires is different than Iguassu (i think that is how it is spelled) [Nope - it's Iguazú] but I love both. When we all found out about Trump all the americans went wild while us canadians (and Aussies)  laughed. I was able to shake Elder Rasbands hand and I got so much from his talk it was so powerful. 


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Finally Arrived!!!

I will be writing again on monday, but for now I am here safe in posadas. the flight was only 2 hours long and we super easy! 

Hermana Barton

Below is what came a few hours after Winona arrived:

Estimados padres y madres:

Sus hijitos, Elderes y Hermanas ya estan en la mision Argentina Posadas, se ven muy felices y con deseos de trabajar en el campo misional, es un placer para nosotros tenerles aqui, les cuidaremos, protejeremos y enseñaremos todo cuanto este a nuestro alcance. 


Hermana y Presidente Svec
Mision Argentina Posadas

***** For those of us who don't speak Spanish****

Dear Parents
Their children, Elders and Sisters are already in the Argentina Posadas mission, they are very happy and with desire to work in the mission field, it is a pleasure for us to have them here, we will take care of them, we will protect and we will teach everything that is within our reach.
Sister and President Svec

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

So close to a new chapter!

So this is the last week! I will be going to the mission home or leaving the MTC on tuesday and flying to the mission home. This last week has been a blur so this wont be a long email. Saturday we went prosyliting again, but at first we were dissapointed because Hermana G and I had 2 APPOINTMENTS in the last place we were at. However, it was very good we were able to make two other appointments thats if we go back of course, but one woman was so interested in the church and asked us to come back, or send others to teach her. Saturday is really the only day to report on but on Thursdays we go to the temple and it is amazing how much I can understand and get out of it. Sunday was fast sunday so it was all of us telling a bit about ourselves and then bearing our testimony, and it is really cool to see all these different types of people coming together to share the gosple. 
Today is Wednesday and almost everyone is gone from the MTC to get their visas. Tomorrow we get to go hear Elder Rasband and I am super excited for that!

Until Next Time

Hermana Barton

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Building success and a coming Apostle

Friday- There are 9 other english speaking people here, two are from Canada (Lethbridge and Calgary) two from Australia, and the rest are from America. We don´t get to see or talk much to them, except on Sundays.

Saturday- so we went prosilyting, and we did so much better this time, we got 4 references, and 15 contacts AND we have two apointments for this Saturday. However one guy kind of cornered us and kept telling Hermana Garner how beautiful she was and wouldn´t let us go, but by the power of prayer and the spirit we were able to get out of that situation with no problems. One of our appointments is with a golden investigator. He is everything someone would want in an investigator and we are so excited to teach him.

Sunday- was normal, but kind of weird because it went from 6 to 15 of us. in RS Hermana Garner and I taught the lesson and it went really well. It was an amazing spiritual day.

Monday and Tuesday- nothing really happened, just the normal everyday things, but all the english speakers want to sing for the latinos so we are going to start practising the EFY melody.

Wednesday- there was a lesson that we had where we acted out a situation so I was the mom, one elder was the dad with a smoking problem and my companion was the daughter. The other elders were the missionaries and bishop coming to teach us, and the spirit was so strong! I felt is from my toes to the top of my head. It was the most amazing experience.

Thursday- Elder Rasband is coming next thursday (in a week) to the east mission, and the MTC will be taking busses to go see him talk. so for those who wish to email me please make sure to email on wednesday or before.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Trouble Breathing but some Success!

I am halfway through with the MTC (CCM)! so much has happened (on saturday alone) 

Friday- I got a cold, but other than that nothing really happened just the normal day to day classes and such.

Saturday- I´m pretty sure the cold got worse, but it did not matter because I was going proselyting (Hermana Garner was so excited) so the six of us english speakers or gringos got dropped off at different places in the city alone. Hermana Garner and I got an area of just shops, there were no houses or apartments (ok there were some but to get into them we had to have a code or something for the building) at first we just walked around because that´s all that we could do, but after a while we were getting frustrated because we tried to say hi and that we were missionaries, but I guess it is kind of weird here for people to just say hi. anyways so we were frustrated and I was having a hard time breathing a bit because of the cold, so we sat on a bench and ate some oreos. As we were eating oreos we both got the impression to talk to a young man who was sitting on another bench so we did. Guess what? we talked with him for an hour and a half and we got his information so that other missionaries can meet with him. It was so cool because it was in spanish until the end where we found out that he could speak English, but I did it! I taught a real person in spanish! Unfortunately the whole time we were talking to him we were directly under the sun, so I am just a little sunburnt (I forgot to put sunscreen on, I will not forget for this saturday) We also talked to this sweet elderly woman who would have taken the Book of Mormon, but she couldn´t read so we gave her some pictures instead, and just talked with her.

Sunday- A general authority came to the MTC for sacrament meeting because all of our latino friends were leaving on tuesday. That sacrament meeting was so spiritual and strong. It was nice to be able to hear a couple of latino´s testimonies. One of the sisters that left is from Paraguay but the part that is in my mission so I told her that I would say hola to her family for her. I also got a priesthood blessing because my cold was not going away and only seemed to get worse and almost immediatly I started to feel better.

Monday- was a normal day but at the end it was sad to say goodbye to the latinos (even though they left the next day, lots left at like 3 in the morning) I was signing so many books, and taking so many pictures, in fact a few of the sisters were telling my that I am a disney princess because of my hair, now thats not a bad compliment. 

Tuesday- it was so quiet after all of the latinos left, and really wierd to be the only missionarries in the building. We ate with the teachers, but it was really just us.

Wednesday- again weird, but cool to be the only ones in the building, but at night some of the new missionaries came and of course being the only females, Hermana Garner and I helped all of the latinas to their rooms, but one of the sisters is from Australia and she is super cool! there is more to come on thursday but so far only two more english speakers (both from Australia. An Elder and the sister) It was exciting but we are so sleepy because one sister didn´t get to the MTC until a little after 12, so only six hours of sleep for us.

Thursday- it is only 8:00 in the morning right now so nothing has really happened, more missionaries have come but we don´t have to help them. Later today we will be going to the temple by ourselves. 


Until Next Time, 
Hermana Barton

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thursday Oct 20th

SATURDAY- the Latino Hermanas and Elders went street proselyting while we stayed at the MTC (or CCM) and studied more spanish and teaching stuff. We all seemed to miss our Latino friends. At night Hermana Garner and I got a surprise Investigator and had no time to prepare, but after he said that we did very well we just need to learn more spanish verbs.

SUNDAY- it always seems to be so cold here (in the building) because the AC is always blasting. However, later in the day Hermana Garner was feeling really sick and was getting worse so she got a priesthood blessing, but in the blessing Presidant Benton said that she would be sick for a few days.

MONDAY- we woke up a half hour early to do our laundry, and Hermana Garner was not well enough to go to class or anything so as we did our laundry we grabbed some fruit and bread to eat through the day. For a good chunk of the day it was nice to be able to get some extra sleep, but we were also really bored. At lunch time our morning and afternoon teacher Hermana Feller came in (checking on us a few times before) to ask us if we were coming for lunch because we didn't go to breakfast, but we had grabbed enough fruit and bread so we said no, but Hermana Feller made it clear that we had better be coming down for supper. I really wasn´t hungry, but once we ate supper I ate all of it! (the portions are huge!) Hermana Garner was feeling better so we went to the evening classes, but near the end, for whatever reason, we were all in a laughing fit! My cheeks and abs hurt so much. Even our teacher Hermano Paredes could not stop laughing, we all even tried taking a break but when we got back we still could not stop laughing so he ended it.

TUESDAY- This morning we had a new practise investigator who was really difficult and the lesson went so badly! I couldn´t understand anything and the investigator just seemed to be just mad and just didn't want to be there. Afterwards Hermana Garner was having a really hard time and I was just frustrated, but then we talked and was able to better understand each other more and told each other what we thought their strengths were as a missionarry. Later on Hermana Feller (who was the difficult investigator) talked to us and told me that I needed to talk more and not to worry about making mistakes because it is the best way to learn spanish, and then she said, because when you speak I feel the spirit very strong and when she said that  it reminded me of part of my patriarchal blessing that promises that when I teach the spirit will be there testifying of those things, so even if I am awful at speaking spanish it wont matter because through the spirit the people will be taught what they need to know.

WEDNESDAY- We had breakfast, and personal/companion study like normal, and then we went to practise teach an investigator and it went really well! Although I didn't talk much (which I need to work on) I was able to completely understand the lesson and where it went, but afterwards the woman told us that we were going to the city to get our visas! we were so pumped we couldn´t wait until after lunch! Oh! and it has been raining for two days so we got to wear our rain stuff. On the ride there Hermana Garner and I opened the window to see and a lot of the buildings are painted lots of different colours, but they are not bright like I thought they would be. In fact all the buildings look like they had been through the apocalypse and it didn´t help that the sky was grey and misty, but in a way it was all kind of beautiful. Also, on tuesday the temple opened and today we get to go through it!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

It is so great to hear from her,
okay so I left on thursday and on my very first flight from Lethbridge to Calgary I was really nevous, but when we were about to take off someone on the plane was listining to a talk from Pres. Ucdorf and it gave me a lot of comfort, and after that all the flights were really easy and nothing interesting, but on the last flight from Atlanta to Argentina I met 5 other missionarries who were going to the Argentina MTC ! there were 4 Elders and one other sister. As we were all waiting together to get on a flight an older couple greeted us and asked where we were from and what mission we were going to, and guess what? It was Elder Packer and his wife! (Elder Packer´s son) it was quite a treat! One of the Elders talked to a lady beside him (on the flight) about the gosple afterwards as we were waiting for the other missionaries she came up to him, shaking his hand and thanking him. He said he wanted to give her a Book of Mormon but he only had one (his own) and it was in english. The food is so good! (of course not as good as yours mom) the desserts all seem to have duche de leche in it some how. However the helpings are so big! I love My Companion and I am so glad that she is from Colorado so that we can understand each other. The best part of Thursday was seeing a lesson (acted out) and then having the investigator turn to us so that we could testify of how much God loves him and answer any questions he had.

Friday My companion is Hermana Garner (the same girl I met in the airport) and the Elders I met in the airport are in my district they are Elder Comp and Elder Hebdon. Elder Mccarther and Elder Klingler. We are the only english speakers in the whole MTC! the teachers can mostly speak english, but Presidant Benton and his wife are the only others who really speak english. We had lots of classes on spanish and I felt like I was learning but still was not able to talk to any of the Latino sisters and elders. In three weeks there will be new missionaries and they tell us there will be english speakers, but I hope to be pretty good at spanish by then. My district set a goal to be only speaking spanish in three weeks with the exception of supper we are working hard, but it does seem unrealistic. Hermana Garner and I on our own picked a lesson to teach an investigator (who is just our teacher) and when we got together we realized that we both had picked the same lesson! That momwnt just testified to me that we really are the Lord´s missionaries.

SATURDAY It has been hard with the language because I am the only one who has not taken spanish at school, but it hit me really hard when Hermana Garner and I had our first practise lesson with our investigator (all in spanish) and I could not understand anything while my companion could understand everything. I felt so stressed afterwards because I realized that we will teach real people and it is a huge responsibility!

Sunday the six of us english speakers had church together with the MTC Presidant and his wife. Then my companion and I and Sister Benton had RS together. We all got to go walk around the temple grounds and take lots of pictures (I dont have time to put the pictures on but next week I will) 

Monday we had another lesson with the investigator and I realized no matter how much behind I am everyone else I can always bare my testimony and next saturday we have to go street prosyliting!

The other missionarries are coming in so I have to go 

Until Next Time 
Hermana Barton

Thursday, 6 October 2016

I don't see the post I put up, so I am going to try this again, we received an e mail this morningish:
I am here at the MTC, and the flying went pretty smoothly. Although sleep was hard; on the last flight I met 5 other english missionaries, we seem to be the only ones that really speak english, but that just means that I will learn faster. I just writing to let you know that I am safe, and that the next P day is thursday. 

Until Next Time,

Hermana Barton
 I hope next weeks will be filled with lots more information 
We received her first e mail:
I am here at the MTC, and the flying went pretty smoothly. Although sleep was hard; on the last flight I met 5 other english missionaries, we seem to be the only ones that really speak english, but that just means that I will learn faster. I just writing to let you know that I am safe, and that the next P day is thursday. 

Until Next Time,

Hermana Barton

So glad she made it safe, now lets hope the future letters are just a tad bit longer. I'm presuming she was running on fumes at this point. Till next Thursday 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

First Blog Post!!

There are 14 days until I leave for the MTC and 15 days until I arrive at the MTC! There is still so much to do, and I haven't even started packing yet. Thank you to all of you who will be following my journey to Argentina and Paraguay I hope you will all have as much fun reading about it as I hope to be as I do it. There are only 3 more weeks until this blog gets its first missionary update!

Until Next Time:
Winona Barton