Thursday, 26 January 2017

Getting more yes than no!

Tuesday - We had a district reunion in the morning where we decided to have a talent show on the 3rd and everyone else decided that I would be singing. Great.

Wednesday - after lunch we visited "A" (who will be baptized on the 4th and is 76 years old!) and they guy who lives next door doesn't like the gospel so Hna N tried teaching him but he didn't want it. However "A" said "listen to the words of God" I think I was the only one who heard her, but it made my day. Then we had English classes (which I teach) and then taught the family from Colombia (they are SO good)

Thursday - The whole day was just trying to find people and planning for the coming week.

Friday - We visited inactive members (who want to be active) in the morning then after lunch visited "A" and the family from Colombia. The Elders came with us with the family to give a blessing on the house and then we taught them the plan of salvation and the work that little A (who is 12) can do in the temple for her grandpa (it was such a great lesson)

Saturday - We found a 16 year old girl (T) who´s parents died, so she lives with her 2 brothers and we mostly just taught her about the Book of Mormon and then asked her to be baptized and she said yes! Then we asked her to prepare for the 18th and she said yes again! After lunch we went to find and visit a woman the the Elders found and the Elders told us she is super strong in a different religion and doesn´t seem to want our message so I was preparing myself for the worst, and at first she told us only 30 min. (but she was so loving!) She ate up everything we taught her and at the end (we had been there longer than 30 min) she kept asking if there was anything she could do for us.

Sunday - we had 7 investigators come to church! Also Hna and Hno F came to the Rama! (Hna F taught me in the CCM, the Argentina Missionary Training Centre) it was such a great day! Afterwards we visited "T" again (who couldn´t come to church because she had another commitment she made before we taught her) and she told us that her brothers gave her permission to be baptized! Then as we were waiting with "L" (a 14 year old member who came with us ) for the bus we got a call saying that my legal papers were ready and Tuesday we need to pick them up (in Posadas)...a 6 hour bus trip away.

Monday - we went to Wanda to the mine full of crystals (with the Elders) and it was a lot of fun! We took lots of photos (all of which are on one of the Elders´ camera because I forgot to change batteries in mine). At 4 we will take the bus to go to Posadas.

P.S. There is a chance that I could go to Paraguay but where ever I go in the next few transfers I will stay in that country for the rest of my mission (possibly according to Hna N).

Random shots

Here are some random pics I've taken over the last couple months...

Monday, 16 January 2017

Some major downs, but a lot more UPS!

Monday - P-day! We met a woman who asked us to come teach her and her son and she was super excited and said she wanted to get to know the church but didn´t know how.  My purse/bag broke the week before and so we went to go fix it and talked to the man about the gospel as he fixed it then when he was done we asked how much it was and he said it was free, or that it was for God, and we tried to insist we would pay for it but he wouldn´t hear it.

Tuesday - In the morning we had an appointment with a guy who was really excited on the phone to meet with us, but then we realized why. He is a Jehovah Witness and he (and his friend) had the intention of teaching us. But it was still good because we learned what they believed while they learned more of our truth. After lunch we went to F's house with the elders to give him a blessing of strength (which he was really excited for the day before) but he was not answering. His daughter tried to get his attention AND his mom as well so we finally asked the daughter to ask him if he wanted to continue and he said no.

Wednesday - We went to Eldorado for interviews with President Svec. I was really nervous because it was in Spanish, however I was able to understand and speak. He even said my accent is very good and most of the gringos he can´t understand because of their accent but he can understand everything I say - I just need to learn more words. After, we came back to our area and went to the woman we met on Monday and taught her and her aunt. Her Aunt and Uncle gave us a ride back and the Uncle tried to fight with us about what we believe, but we just testified and told him we will not fight, but thanked him for the ride.

Thursday - We went back to Eldorado and as we were waiting for the bus a guy came up to us and asked (in English) if we were Mormon and we said yes and then he said that he doesn´t like Christain religions. Yet I was somehow able to teach him a bit about the restoration and touch on the things he said he doesn't like and he grew softer, but I don´t think he´ll be baptized anytime soon. The conference in Eldorado with President and Hermana Svec was really good, there was the possibility our mission was going to change into 2 different missions (Argentina and Paraguay separately) but thankfully everything has been solved and it is still one mission, and now we can go into Paraguay. YAY!! 

Friday - We met with 2 families from Colombia and taught them and afterwards asked them all to be baptized and they said YES! We asked the 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son to get baptized on February 4th (with their parents permission) and they said yes! Unfortunately the 9 year old, his mom and younger brother and sister (who are 6 and a baby) are moving to Brazil in a bit, but one day they will all be baptized. An older son E (who is 17) said he will be baptized when he is 33 like Jesus but we will baptize him too I know it. The one family's parents need to be married first and the father needs to gain a testimony of the church too. After we visited an older woman who is from Brazil so I don´t understand much of what she says be she said yes to being baptized on the 4th as well!

Saturday - we tried to find old investigators without much luck. We also had a meeting with President Castells (the branch president) and talked about our investigators. Then we phoned the woman from Monday but she told us her aunt called her and told her everything that happened and doesn't want to continue with us and her son doesn't want to start.

Sunday - we had 6 investigators at church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YayYayYayYay! They all seemed to enjoy it a lot. After lunch we found a family and taught them a bit of the plan of salvation and the restoration and asked them to be baptized and at first the mother said no because she is already baptized in the catholic church, but then I explained the Priesthood we have from God to her again and then asked her to be baptized -  she said yes if she gets an answer that it is true.

Every day Is a good day because of the atonement of Jesus Christ.
Having some juice time

The girls at night

Winona's Posados Crew Jan 2017
 A little personal peek:
I travel lots in the mission and I don´t just mean walking we take a bus to Eldorado whenever we have meetings (its 2 hours away) and to Posadas for special things (Posadas is 6 hours away but I have only been twice). We eat cereal every morning and at night for supper we have bread and jam (or dulce de leche 😄). I have had to eat things I don't normally tolerate at home - tomatoes and mushrooms and sardines and I just hold my breath and chew quickly. (the sardines were the worst)  People tend to love that I am from Canada and say "oh how beautiful", "wow I want to go to Canada!" Since we are in a touristy area - we have talked to a couple of people from America and Germany and other places but its always just a hello, who are we kinda thing. (no Canadians though) 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2 Steps forward, 2 Steps back

Okay - just a short letter this week.  We have found more investigators, but sadly F seems to kind of be avoiding us which is unfortunate. We are going to meet with him to see if he actually wants to be baptized and if he believes in this gospel, because he isn`t coming to church but I do believe that one day he will be baptized - even if it is not by us. Flia B isn´t progressing either as Hno B told us that he doesn´t want to get married and he does not want to talk about it.  We will give them some time but we will not give up on them. We did contact a family (actually 2 families) as we were looking for another person and they are really good. They have lots of questions and every time we go to teach them there is someone new! Some of them expected to be baptized one day. Also today we met a woman who said she has been hoping to contact someone from the church but wasn't sure how so we made an appointment with her to teach her and her son.

Just a little bit more about where I am right now - it is in the middle of urban and rural, but it is bigger than Magrath. It is super hot here, I feel like I have sweated more in one day here in my whole life! We do not drive or bike - it is only walking unless we are going to eat at a member's house out of our area, then we take the bus. Oh we also take the bus to go to Eldorado because it is 2 hours away. We walk all day so I would not know if I can use my Learner's License down here. When it comes to daily life though - there are days more difficult than others but everyday there is something good. For Christmas I bought perfume for Hna N, my companion, and I think I will buy it for myself too - it is of a fruit of Argentina and it is so pretty.

Also no pictures this week as I can't get them to open up. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A new year and brighter hopes? Maybe

Monday - Cataratas! (Went to the Iguazu falls)

Tuesday -  with Familia (Family) B we went to the senior center again and sang hymns. After that we talked to the parents (all the kids are baptized other than one who is 5) who are not married but have been together for 23 years and the missionaries have been working with them for 5 years. But we were able to help them and they agreed to get married and be baptized for February 4! yayayyayayay

Wednesday - we started the English classes and the two youth that came learned really quickly! 

Thursday - we went to teach F (our investigator) after planamiento semenal but he was buying groceries so then we went to another person and on the way we found money in the middle of no where! (so there was no one we could return it to) it was super awesome because Hna N needed new shoes!

Friday - it rained SO MUCH! We went and visited Hno M in the hospital and then waited for a girl we contacted in the hospital, but she wasn't there. We talked to 2 women in the hospital and the lesson was super good and the spirit was there and we testified, but they both said "no the bible is all I need", and all day it was like that. The rain didn´t stop either and it rained hard too (I´m pretty sure the heavens were crying over every person saying no)

Saturday - I met the new Elder (Hna N and I are still in Iguazu and together) his name is Elder H. We went with them to give a couple of people that we contacted to them because they were in the Elder´s area. Then we had dinner with Hna M for New Years (I've included pics of the fireworks below).

Sunday - after church, lunch, and personal study we visited a contact we made a while ago but we haven't visited him much because he works all day everyday. We taught him about the plan of salvation and then I asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said yes!! YayYayYay! With F we haven't been able to make contact with him because he has been sick or not home so that's frustrating.
Blurry Collage

Winona in Heaven with HUGE mango. Love Mangos

New Year's Fireworks 1

New Year's Fireworks 2