Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pushing ahead with baby steps.

Tuesday - We had a zone meeting and it went really well. I learned I am here to teach everything about Christ and the gospel and I only have 18 months to do it! This time is so important and that it goes by so fast.

Wednesday - We went to M and D (names changed to first letters to protect their privacy) in the morning but only D was there, but we taught him the restoration and asked him if he will be baptized and he said yes, but he said that he is also very busy. We visited A Senior and her helper has been taking money from her as payment for helping her because she sees it as her job and A Senior is in a lot of pain and needs medicine, but a member (that came with us) offered to come everyday to read her the Book of Mormon to her and to ask the members to put some money in to pay for the medicine. 

Thursday - is weekly planning, not much exciting happened

Friday - We went to Flia O (we were giving them a break because they haven't been reading) and little A said that she read two pages in the Book of Mormon!!!!! All we did for this lesson was read 1 Nephi 8 (tree of life: Lehi's dream) and she said on her own she is like Laman and Lemuel and we are like Lehi begging them to taste the fruit. As we were reading Z (a 17 year old member who is also a convert) walked by and we asked her to join us. Luckily she did because her testimony and story really touched their hearts. They promised to read Nephi's account of it to better understand the vision and then Z asked little A to hang out with her at the park. We also had lunch with H and his family and taught them a bit and right now they just want to come closer to Christ, and not change their religion, but they are SO good! H Jr. (who is 14) is so smart and knows so much about the gospel.

Saturday - Most of the days have been people cancelling and us only contacting. We have been inviting everyone to come to church though. We also helped Flia B clean up their yard again (but just Hna. N and I this time) - it is looking pretty good, but there is still so much to do.

Sunday - Hna. B and 2 of the kids came to sacrament! and the elders also had a investigator come too.
Yes - I permed my hair last week - I don't have a picture of me right now but I'll send one next week (it looks like raman noodles but in a good way) and it took 6 hours!  Oh for those of you going to the temple - remember, you guys are doing missionary work, but the people you do the work for don't say no (that we know of)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Setting the record straight and following the spirit!

Tuesday - we visited a inactive member that saw us on the street and asked us to come to her house...she was really sweet. We also taught a new family and the father knows so much and we have a lot of hope for them

Wednesday - we taught a man (M) in the morning and asked him to be baptized and he said yes! He also accepted a date for baptism. After we had a lesson with family of the family from Colombia - they were looking on the internet for information about the church, so we had to correct them and told them to look in and the Book of Mormon for their questions. Then we taught a guy I had made contact with on divisions with Hna. V. He also seems to be very interested.

Thursday - is the day for weekly planning but after we visited Flia O (the Family from Colombia) and they haven´t been reading the Book of Mormon, and it is because they don´t believe in it. They are scared that if they read any other book other than the bible God will condemn them.

Friday - We visited the new family again and the father said he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and was so excited to share Joseph Smiths testimony with his wife and share what he has learned from us, but he keeps saying he doesn´t want to change his religion. Then we visited the extended family of the Columbia family and they are still having a hard time with the book of Mormon but at the same time they are interested. Then we visited A Senior (who got baptized earlier this month) and she is doing so well and is very happy to be a member the church.

Saturday - We visited a man Hna. N contacted in divisions and he is so good - we only talked for a bit, but he was already saying that he wants to serve a mission with his wife and be missionaries like us. Then we went to Flia B (long time no see) they moved because their house flooded, and the house the are moving to needs to be built so we helped them clean the front yard area (only one son was home) but when they came home and saw us they were so happy and very thankful. They made us sit down and gave us cookies and pop.

Sunday - was my brother's Birthday!! I can´t believe my brother 15! Oh, it was also Hna. N´s 9 month mark. After church we visited the members.

Monday - was P-day! I permed my hair and Hna. N got a hair cut, then we had pizza in restaurant and it was really yummy (5 cheese pizza). Afterwards we visited an inactive family and they had a friend there who is not a member and so we talked to her and taught her about the Book of Mormon. I almost didn´t follow a prompting because I was scared but a thought came to me to just try and see what happens so I asked her to be baptized and she said yes!! So basically ALWAYS FOLLOW PROMPTINGS

P.S. just remember that God gives us hard times right before the really good time (to teach us because he loves us)!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Humbling Experience: the water is dirty, but the Spirit is now clean

Monday - We had divisions….meaning the Sister leaders from our zone came on a companion swap with us. I was with Hna. V (who finishes her mission today) and we were all in Iquazu so I had to take the lead which was scary but I did it! We visited "A" Senior and showed her a video from the last conference and asked her the baptisim questions. Then we contacted a bit as we went to Hito (3 fronteras - Landmark of the three frontiers. You can see Brazil and Paraguay on the other shores.) and there was a beautiful water and light show going on and we were able to contact there as well.

Tuesday - I really wasn´t feeling well so I took my temperature in the morning but it said I was normal so we went to the district meeting (with the zone leaders since we were all still on divisions) and then we went to the family from Colombia and Hna. N made chaufa (I am in love with chaufa - kind of like a fried rice) but I didn´t eat very much because I just felt even worse. After lunch we came back to the apartment and I checked my temp. again and it was 38.6 🤒 so for the rest of the day I slept and at 6pm the sister leaders went back to Eldorado

Wednesday - In the morning I was still sick but my temp. was back to normal so I slept in the morning but in the afternoon we went to work. Hna. N told me about what she had taught to our other investigators and how "A" Senior´s baptism interview went. Little A, the male one,  told Hna. V that he wants to serve a mission like us when he is 18 (He only has to wait 9 years). "A" Senior told us a friend of hers was telling her how awful Mormons are and the crazy things we believe in and she told her friend, she is going to become mormon so when she (her friend) talks bad about Mormons she is saying those things about her (A Senior) and if she was going to continue then she can leave.

Thursday - We prepared and decorated for the talent show for most of the day then we went and contacted

Friday - In the morning Hna. N and I cleaned the baptismal font and then we had a goodbye lunch with the Elders because Elder B is ending his mission (he ends it today Monday Feb 06 see his cake picture below) and then in the evening was the talent show!

Not a lot of people came, but it was great anyway, even S (who is 6 and part of flia. Colombia) got up and sang something. I sang the first song from the Disney movie “Tangled”. Everyone loved the sketch we prepared for them. Everyone was laughing it was so good.

Saturday - "A" SENIOR GOT BAPTIZED!! (She is 76 years old and speaks another language because she is from Brazil) It was a good service but unfortunately she breathed in some water when she went down, the water was dirty,but she was still smiling by the end of it (you know after she coughed up all of the water). Elder B was helping her out and she asked it´s done? and he said “yes sister it´s done” then she responded with “Gracias a Dios”. I sang Cuando me Baptizado and she bore her testimony at the end.

Sunday - "A" Senior received the gift of the Holy Ghost, there was a baby blessing, and right after he bore his testimony - he elders left for Elder B to end his mission and leave for home.
A Senior's Baptism 2
A Senior's Baptism 2
Elder B a goin' home
Talent in the show 1
Elders in the show 2
Talent in the show 3
Talent in the show 4
Talent in the show 5

Who's Face has more colour?
Three Smilin' faces
Talent in the show 6 - small frame, wonderful spirit

P.S. - Oh and I got attacked by a dog this week. Thankfully it was a little dog (like really little) and it only barked a lot, ran at me and then jumped on me.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fear and friendship holding back from Eternal Glory.

Monday - after writing last week we ran back to the apartment to grab the things we need he ran to the bus stop for me to go to Posadas and for Hna N to go to Puerto Rico (I went to Posadas with the other Hna N)

Tuesday - We basically just did a bunch of legal papers and got Books of Mormon and Hymn books. Then we took the bus back and Hna N (the first) and I came back to Puerto Iquazu.

Wednesday - Was the day for the devotional where we heard about the changes to the schedule. So in the morning we only have 2 hours for proselyting. Because in the morning it is planning for the day, personal studies, and companion studies. then proselyting, lunch, 12 weeks (if needed) and language (if needed) then it is proselyting until 9:00pm (or 9:30 if in a lesson) then we go to bed at 10:30.  P-day is longer - it is 9:00am until 6:00pm. After the devotional we worked on and prepared for the baptisms and talent show. We wasted a bit of the Lords time - we didn´t want to or mean to - we were trying to prepare for the talent show but it was just taking too long so we said a prayer to find the thing that we were looking for and get back to work, and it worked!  Also little A told us that she doesn´t want to be baptised on the 4th, and that she doesn´t feel fully ready (but we know she is) 

Thursday - In the morning we went to teach T but she told us that she doesn´t want to be baptised or continue with the lessons, and we asked her if there was a reason for the sudden change, but no, she apologized but said that she doesn´t want to. Then we went to A Senior and she is so sweet and good. Then we went to the family from Colombia and just focused on little A and testified and answered her questions, and gave scriptures, then asked her how she felt if she still didn´t want to be baptised on the 4th, but luckily she said that she thinks the 4th is the day for her. 

Friday - we continued teaching our Investigators. A Senior´s daughter moved out and another young woman moved in to help her out, and it was great because A Senior (bless her heart) had the restoration pamphlet out and was talking with the young woman and then we invited them to church and A Senor said to her "Come listen to the words of God! it is very beautiful and peaceful in the church." 

Saturday - We printed out the invitations for A Senior´s and Little A´s baptism in the morning, and then in the afternoon went to the family from Colombia with the intention to give little A´s parents a date for marriage and a date for baptism, but again little A said that she doesnt' want to be baptised on the fourth (not even in February) and her parents were shocked. She was afraid she won't be able to talk to her friends after baptism (because they smoke) and again we testified but she still didn´t want it. We walked with her to go to Young Womens and we are hoping she will make more friends there. 

Sunday - Little A´s parents didn´t come to church because her mom was sick and neither did A Senior (here you have to come to church 3 times before baptism) so we were a little worried but she was also sick and in pain. But we visited and taught her after church. We taught her all of the commandments and when we asked if she will follow the law of chastity she looked at us weirdly and said "uh, yeah I won't go anywhere near that" and then we all just lost it and laughed for a good 10 min. Then we practiced the baptismal questions with her and she is so ready.

Monday - We called Presdente Svec to ask for permission to baptize A Senior even though she has only come twice to church and he said yes!!
Despite the setbacks this week I have chosen to be happy everyday and it helps but it is hard, but everyday is a good day because of the atonement of Jesus Christ!