Monday, 27 March 2017

Big Change, Short Post

Monday - Hna. N and I got a call as we were writing last week’s letter from Hna. H (my companion now, we were in the same zone) saying the companion changes were happening Tuesday morning (even though changes normally happen on Wednesday) so we rushed around the area so Hna. N could say goodbye before she goes to Posadas

Tuesday - In the morning we went to Eldorado to drop off Hna N and get my companion then the rest of the day was just unpacking

I don’t have more time to write for the rest of the week but Sunday was the best day by far where our investigator “M” was asked in class at church to give the prayer and during the prayer he broke down crying and thanked God for his mercy

P.S. my new companion is great she is also from Peru and is really nice, we work differently than I did with Hna. N… we walk a lot slower, but we talk with more people who seem to be really interested
Argentinian Sunset

Argentinian Fruit? Plant? Cool looking whatever it is

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Local local Conference and activities

Monday- Near the end of P-day We went to Hito with Pres. Svec´s asistentes (assistants) then went to visit "A Sr". but found out that she was in the hospital again so we went there to visit her and we ended up contacting a woman beside her as well. Then we visited a member who is trying to learn english and asked me for some help so we did, and then came in two Elders (on a companion exchange) and then they walked us home and said that now it has been changed where the sisters have to be home by 7:30 or 8 if in a lesson 

Tuesday- We went to El dorado with Pres. Svec and Hna. Svec to have interviews, then we came back and did a service (we cleaned M´s house ) 

Wednesday- was the conferance with Pres. Svec and it was really good! We saw one video and it was soo good basically it was about the fact that lots of missionaries ask why isn´t it easy? Obviously this is the true church, why isn´t the hardest thing about the mission getting a sore arm from baptizing all day? The thing is that it was never easy for Christ, the most perfect person that ever why would we ever think it would be easy for us?

Thursday- weekly planning, then had a meeting with the mission leader

Friday- in the morning we looked for a guy that we found on the street that said he wanted to be baptized and accepted a date (we couldn´t find him) but we found a family who also accepted to be baptized and come to church. 

Saturday- in the night the RS women asked us to sing for the anniversary so I sang "Yo se que vive mi Señor" and then we ate and it was really yummy

Sunday- We walked to go pick up M to go to church and then we saw a woman who stopped us and asked what the difference between our church and the other and like all these really perfect questions, and then we picked up M and went to church 

P.S. Big change! Well you will be glad to know that I will have a new companion on Wednesday!

He didn't' want me to talk

Tuesday- We taught M the law of chastity and he did a lot in the past so we had to tell the zone leaders so that he could meet with Presidente Svec. Then we went to Flia. B and met a woman who is married to the brother's brother, and she was there with them running away from her husband with her 6 children. She didn´t have any food or money, and as we taught her a little she began crying here and there, and then we invited them to be baptized, but I don´t think they understood. Later we taught S (a reference from a member) and she is opening up more and accepted to be baptized if she feels it is true.

Wednesday- We tried to go to teach Flia. O, but they were busy with family and such, and unfortunatly they are not progressing anymore, and Hna. N and I both feel to leave them, its hard because we love them so much, but we are not here to force anyone to do anything. We went to an older couple and at first it was just the woman, but then the man came home so we taught them a bit and at  the end we asked if they had any questions and then the man asked a really weird question, but when we didn´t answer her went on a rant and asked why are we here, and said that he doesn´t care about the random people: Hna N asked: do you believe in christ? Man- yes!  Hna. N -  how can you believe in Christ if you don´t love your fellow brethren? ... then he was quiet. 

Thursday- In the morning we waited in the clinic for the doctor to check Hna. N's eyes so she could change her glasses, and we waited all morning, but we tried to talk to all the other people also waiting but not one wanted to listen to us, then we had weekly planning

Friday- we went to "A Sr" in the afternoon and helped her to go to the hospital because she doesn´t have a helper and her son doesn´t want to do anything, but again we waited all afternoon for the doctor with her and tried to talk to the other people a bit but again no one wanted anything and then we helped her home. She was really happy and thanked us lots

Saturday- we contacted all morning and no one accepted, then in the afternoon we tried to visit our investigators but no one was home or they were busy so then we cleaned the baptismal font 

Sunday- at night we finally had 2 lessons one with an older couple that we contacted who thinks that we worship Joseph Smith even though we taught the restoration and explained multiple times, and at the beginning the older man asked Hna. N if she would talk and not that was "fun" 🤔, but at least the spirit was there

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Keeping it short this week - not so great physically though

Tuesday - We are working on one investigator - sort of. "F" doesn't seem to want our visits, but he keeps reading the Book of Mormon

Wednesday - We (rather the elders) gave a blessing of health to "A"  Sr

Thursday - We found an amazing contact and we have high hopes for her she is sooo good and said yes to baptism if she feels this is right

Friday - in the morning I got a fever of 38.3, but I wasn't feeling too bad so I went to the district meeting with the zone leaders and we played a game and part of it is to spin around 10 times but because I was not feeling well I got to 6 and just fell and hit my head really hard (but I didn't feel it because I felt really sick by then) and we just continued through the day because I hadn't felt it until the end of the day

Saturday - We taught a new contact then went to get our lunch from a member and I was feeling awful so we stayed home the rest of the day 

Sunday - We had 4 investigators come to church! one (after church) said that she prayed and asked God if they should stay or move from their house, then opened the Book of Mormon and it said that she should stay! 

My head still kinda hurts but it feels a lot better. I can't believe I have been here for 5 months already! When it comes to the language - I wouldn't say that I am fluent, but I am noticing I can understand most of what people say.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Are they really saying yes, or just being nice?

Tuesday - we taught some new people 

Wednesday - We went to M and D's home but they didn`t want to let us in because they were too busy. In the afternoon we had an English class with a man and, well, he just talked all about the bible but he doesn`t like Joseph Smith - but I did learn from him and he admitted he would like to listen to us so who knows....

Thursday - We taught Flia. O and they are continually reading the Book of Mormon!!! Yay! We mostly taught about the temple and little "A" told us about the dreams she has about her dad. We asked them to be baptized and they said yes but wouldn`t commit to a date because they want to know that it is true...they only believe right now.

Friday - we went to El Dorado for divisions and a district meeting about a bit of a change with our numbers (with what we are focused on) Hermana F and I had plans but all we did was contact instead, but it was really good because we met some really great people and even got 2 people who said yes to being baptized in March! Hermana F is from Utah and it was hard at first to talk to people because we would say something in Spanish perfectly and slowly and multiple times and they would still say that they can't understand us...which is a little frustrating. At the end of the day we ate hotdogs (which was really good) and not just normal hotdogs - really long ones with pickles and a cheesy ham sauce and papa fritas

Saturday - Hna. F and I contacted again and got another guy who accepted to be baptized in March as well! Later we all had lunch with Hnas Q, N, and some members, then we took the colectivo (bus) home to Iquazu
Not our 'colectivo'...but still a cool one from Argentina
 Some other side notes - I have also lost 15.4 pounds or 7kg! It is still really hot!!!! Sorry I forgot to take a picture yet of my curly locks.  I am trying to get a new camera so hopefully you will see a picture soon.