Monday, 24 April 2017

A Happy Birthday to my little sister and a quick look at making food

My little sis is turning 12!  Thought I would send her a little hello...

Some extra photos of my life as a missionary lately

I haven't sent a lot of photos I am including some of these here:

My Sisters and I at a District Meeting

We Sisters swinging for the trees
Does it ever seem you work really hard, but never get anywhere?

P-Day and an Elder we felt sorry for...

I don´t even know how long I have been here anymore!

Monday - We had P-day with the zone Leaders and then went bowling! I got 2nd just saying.... haha.  Afterwards Hna. F and I went contacting and met lots of nice people and sang too, afterwards she told me I should sing more and use my talents to contact people.

Tuesday - Hna. Q and I were together and in the morning for a district meeting, then had lunch together. After our lunch break we contacted a lot of people as well which is awesome because we need new people. We met one woman who wasn´t interested in the message but after we talked to her, she gave us passion fruit and little chocolates - it was so cute!

Wednesday - we visited "A" Senior and she now has a woman helping her out! We also taught someone I previously contacted and she was really good and shared some really awesome experiences with us. She also said that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the the Book Of Mormon is true, so then we invited her to be baptized but she replied that she has her that was a little confusing. After that we went and had English class. 

Thursday - Was mostly weekly planing but we did teach one young girl the day before and visited her on Thursday.  Unfortunately she seemed more interested in the fact I speak English than anything we had to say.

Friday - We finally got to teach young M, where we got to sit down and actually teach her lesson, then gave her a baptisimal date and she accepted! It is hard for her to have time with us though because her mom works a lot and she is the oldest so she has a lot of responsibility. Later that day, we also searched for one person the zone leaders are teaching along with us (because she has 2 houses) but we couldn´t find her

Saturday - We looked for a lot of the people we had contacted previously, and gave E another baptismal date again 

Sunday - Elder H, Hna. H (no relation), and I sang in the sacrament, and then after church we taught "M" who has worked his way down to 3 cigarettes a day! Once he is finished completely, he can get baptized!

      Still don't know about any changes in my location. Tranfers are next week...Elder H1 thinks that Elder H2 and I are going to go to Paraguay, and that he, and Hna. H are going to train, but who knows. What if I don´t go anywhere? It's possible. I would love to go to Paraguay like suidad de leste though.
Well, I took pictures today as we were making choufa for lunch then we played uno and then old maid. I put those pics and more below....

making choufa for lunch

my choufa

Monday, 17 April 2017

Possible Changes on the Horizon, a rough valley but a wonderful end to the week!

Monday - For lunch we ate at an investigators house of the Elders and she made ñoquis (Gnocchi - my favourite potato noodles) and it is super cool and really easy - it just takes a lot of time

Tuesday - Interviews with Pres. Svec. In my interview he said that my spanish is a ton better (also that it is a big possibility that I won't be in Puerto Iquazú this coming transfer) then after Hna. H and I came back to Iquazú and tried to talk to flia (family) "O", but they couldn´t so we made an appointment for a different day

Wednesday - Zone Conferencia (Zone Conference!). Hna. N and Elder U sang "Yo Se Que Vive Mi Señor" (I know my Redeemer lives) and it was sooo beautiful. In the conference we focus more on things of the mission (obviously) like how can I find joy, doctrine of Christ, stuff like that

Thursday - We talked with Flia "O" and the mom said she doesn´t believe in the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. She said she loves everything about the church but doesn´t believe in those 2 things. We did all we could and invited them to church, and afterwards I cried, like for the rest of the day, but we taught "M" normally and that went well - right now just isn´t the time for flia "O"

Friday - in the morning was M´s interview for baptism, and he is good with everything but he wasn´t ready for this week. He just needs to stop smoking. However before he was smoking 40 or more every day, and now it's like 5.

Saturday - we tried to see two investigators "E" and "G" but they were not home, We think they don´t want any more teaching (even though we only taught them 2) then in the afternoon we passed for flia "B" and they agreed to come to church

Sunday - not a lot of people came to church, but it was absolutely wonderful, and not because of anything different or new. It was just a really good Sunday!

Speaking of Easter - it really wasn´t anything more special for us as Missionaries, we ate in our apartment - I made ñoquis. One thing I did notice is there are a ton of chocolate eggs, people just sell them in the street, in stores, everywhere. Oh and here people don´t cook Wednesday till Sunday (I think) but Tuesday they cook a lot of chipas (a type of small, baked, cheese-flavored rolls made from tapioca starch, a popular snack and breakfast), and other bread stuff to eat through the week.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Trying to grow the Gospel, tiny step by tiny step

Hugging the Lord's Light!

Tuesday - I don´t really remember very well but we had a meeting with the elders and made invitations for the capilla abierto (which is "open Chapel" in english)

Wednesday - we handed out a ton of the invitations for the coming open chapel event and it rained really hard, but we had to walk through it because we are missionaries and people´s salvation is important

Thursday - there was a protest so there were no colectivos (group gathering) but it was okay because we had weekly planning

Friday - We visited Flia B and tried to invite them to be baptized but the brother still doesn´t want to get married yet, so we are going to give them smaller invitations to action such as come to church and read the scriptures

Saturday - was the Capilla Abierto and it seemed like no one was going to come! We even tried going and getting people, but in my mind I said a prayer that just one family could come, and we got to the church and there was a family there going through the tour! In the afternoon we were with one sister who was going home so we waited with her in the airport and gave her lunch

Sunday - we visited mostly members so that Hna. H (my new companion) can get to know the area better

Quick note on the weather: It is still pretty hot, but it is raining more. I tried a new food recently -  for lunch we ate ñokies (Gnocchi) with one of the Elder´s investigators and its really´s potatoes, but noodles. Normally I eat lots of fruits and veggies and meat.  On a happier note - hopefully we will have a baptism soon - one investigator has his date set for the 15th but we will see what the mission president says

Elders and Sisters meet a family
A couple confused Sisters

Proof I should stay a Red Head!

Winona Posing in the Park Apr 2017

6 Months in and General Conference!

Tuesday - We tried talking with our investigators but they were all busy but we did a ton of inviting to the conferencia general (General Conference) and then we had a district meeting because we didn´t have one the week before and it was really good - I learned lots about pride and humility 

Wednesday - in the morning we visited "M' and talked about profetas (prophets) and explained the authority more because he thought that we were profetas, then visited "A" Senior quickly - she is doing really well. Her pain is a lot less! In the afternoon we were going to visit more people but got a call that we needed to be in the church so someone could fix the AC.

Thursday - in the morning we visited (really quickly) a 17 year old girl investigator and seems to be really good. We invited her to conference...then it was just weekly planning meeting and then we cleaned up the carpeta de area (area carpets) and called lots of old investigators (like from 2014) and got 2 citas (appointments)!

Friday - We tried finding one of the people we called on Thursday but we couldn´t find her and she wasn´t answering her phone, HOWEVER we found a really awesome family of 3 and talked to a lady who is very strong in another Christian church and does a lot of good service. We bore our testimony and after wards Hna. H said when I bore my testimony the spirit was really strong so that was cool. We tried finding the other man and found him but he asked us to come back in 1/2 an hour and the situation was just weird and we both just felt off so we tried talking to people instead and gave the man to the elders to teach

Saturday and Sunday - COFERENCIA GENERAL!! (General Conference) Yay! I watched all but the Saturday afternoon session in Spanish in the church...our investigator "M" came too! I recognized there was a lot of talks testifying about Christ (and the very basic things of the gospel) the plan of salvation, and many supporting and showing their love for President Monson. So please look at yourselves and ask "Is my testimony strong enough?" and if the answer is no, strengthen it immediately. 

What did you learn in Conferencia? What was your favourite talk?

Oh, by the way, Woohoo! 6 months into the mission for me! the time goes by so fast.