Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Making Contacts and seeing new Hope

Monday - We did a little shopping on our P-Day and I bought some jeans for 95 pesos so that was awesome (I have a pic of a cute shirt below too)

Tuesday - We tried to find some references but couldn´t find them. In the morning we walked with a member to a lesson but our investigator is really busy, because she is like a cop, and they just call her when they need her, so she wasn´t there but we did find her and made an appointment for later that day. Unfortunately when we went again she wasn´t there either - still, we taught 'M' and that went well

Wednesday - We taught "Y" in the morning and she showed us she was writing the things she learned and liked down in a notebook - even though we had only had one lesson with her! Later we contacted a lot and found some inactive members. After that at the church we had an activity where we watched the movie "17 Miracles".

Thursday - We did a lot of contacting but it was a challenge because it was raining again and everyone sleeps when it rains. But then we had a meeting with the leaders of the ward and everyone is really focusing on Missionary work. That evening we had dinner (It was pancakes) with a family and the elders.

Friday -We had a District meeting in the morning and Hna. M and I gave a quick talk about working with the members. The zone leaders had us all go out and contact one person by singing a hymn and it was awesome because we taught the lady we contacted and her son later in the day - The Plan of Salvation (but only the first question). My allergies were also acting up a bit because she has a cat, but it was fine, I just sneezed a lot. 

Saturday - Almost the whole zone went to Ituzango to help the Sisters there because it is a white wash (meaning they don´t know the area) and we contacted all day and got lost more than once. It was ok though because we found lots of people. Once we got back we all hit the bed and fell asleep immediately.

SUNDAY - We picked up "Y" but at first no one was opening the door and we were scared she forgot and was sleeping, but to our relief she came out completely, perfume and all. At Church the sacrament went a little long and we were scared she was going to go home (her boss was calling her too) but she said no I want to be here with you guys. In the class the teacher invited her to "M´s" Baptism which is on Saturday, and she didn´t know if she could make it but said "even still I am going to get baptized in this church". Finally in Relief Society, the class was about Eternal Marriage (and we were scared she wouldn´t like it because she is a 19 year old girl kind of living with her boyfriend) but she was laughing at all of the joke and nodding her head and reading along during the whole class. This girl is a miracle and I am so excited to see her progress.
Not the message a Missionary wants to send
Companion Hug

Hanging with the Companions

Sisters standing in the Light!

Monday, 15 May 2017

New Responsibility? And Talking with the Family!

Monday - after P-Day we had FHE with all the zone leaders in the mission in Presdent Svec´s house and it was really nice...Hna. F and Hna. N sang really well then we ate hamburgers

Tuesday - we had a meeting with all the leaders in the mission with Elder Krasnoselski and we talked a lot about contacting. If we contact more we will get more investigators and then more Baptisims but we have to talk to people first. 

Wednesday - we contacted a lot. Like A LOT, a lot, but at the end of the day we had a meeting with the district leaders and zone leaders. The zone leaders and us talked about what we had learn yesterday in the meeting 

Thursday - We had interviews with Pres. Svec and he told me he wants to give me more responsibility, like training. That's scary. Then we had divisions (splits) with Hna T and Hna. Q. I was with Hna T who is from Brazil and we taught someone about the sabbath day. Later that day we had Churi pan with a member (or choripán - a type of sandwich with chorizo popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and southern Brazil. The name comes from the combination of the names of its ingredients: a grilled chorizo (sausage) and a pan (crusty bread) such as a marraqueta or baguette.)

Friday - We had a zone conference for most of the day. Hna. M (my companion) and I had 15 min. to talk about conversion, but I think it went well. 

Saturday - We had divisions (splits) with Hna. K and Hna. C - I was with Hna. K in their area, but there was a huge storm and it rained so much I was practically walking in rivers - I had already given my rain boots away because I had gained some muscles and they didn't fit well anymore and were clunky. Anyway, we contacted several people, and gave 2 lessons! We ate lunch with members by candle stick too because there was no electricity. I have to admit now that it isn't summer - my body has gotten used to the hot, and even a slight cool down makes me feel cold. So much fore being Canadian!

Sunday - Mothers Day! After lunch we went to go find a contact that we made but couldn't find him so we gave a lesson to one of our investigators that lived close by. We didn't take long because we were both excited to skype our families. With Hna. M it took a while to work for her, she couldn't 3 way skype her brother and her parents like she wanted to but was able to skype them separately. Then MY skype wasn't working so I used her account but 10 min. in the internet cut off and wasn't working! So we scrambled and called some members and luckily the Pres. of the stake said we could use his computer so I got to finish talking to my family :)

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Starting in a new area and a new role

Monday - Was P-day but afterwards I just packed

Tuesday - We visited some members and investigators to say goodbye, then I took a shower, finished packing and then tried to go to bed for a bit but couldn´t sleep until 11.30 so I only got an hour of sleep (had to get up in the middle of the night to transfer)

Wednesday - we got all ready really early and then took a taxi to the bus terminal at 1:30 am so we could take a bus at 2 am - we had to be in Posadas at 8 am. Still, it was really cool because I got to say hello to a bunch of missionaries including Hna. N! Then Hna. M (my new companion - see the pictures below) and I took a taxi to our apartment we share with two other sisters, Hna K (from Colorado) and Hna. C (from Guatemala). After settling in, we went to lunch and then it rained for the rest of the day and we couldn't find anyone until we found "A" and at first I thought she was a member or an investigator by the way she was so happy to see us. However, she said she had never talked to Mormon missionaries before - so we taught her and she was so interested so we gave her a Book of Mormon.  That evening we called all the sisters in our zone to see how they are doing and everyone seems excited for the transfer

Thursday - I got my shot for Hepatitis A and afterwards was feeling a little off...but over-all I'm fine.

Friday - in the morning we got 2 Baptisimal dates in the morning to "A" and the mom of another member!

Saturday - in the morning we just contacted a lot then had lunch with a member who is studying to be a chef! The food was really yummy and then we tried to have a lesson but the woman said she was busy but told me that I was really hot (I really wasn´t feeling well) so I went and took a nap for a bit and then we went to English class

Sunday - Boy! I had forgotten what it was like to be in a ward there are so many people! Still, we got 2 people come to church with us and one of them came up to us and asked us to teach her so that was awesome! Then we helped "A" for a bit

Monday - (today) P-Day again, having Chinese food for lunch. Tonight all of the zone leaders will have FHE with Pres. and Sister Svec in their home

Meeting my new companion

My "7 month" celebration treat

It says "Happy 7 month birthday I love you" and "You are the best, congratulations"
Some more details about my new area and my new Role

Posadas is more rich than Iguazu (my last area).  It is really funny actually because I keep walking around with my jaw down and my companion keeps laughing (she has been in Posadas all her mission but different areas). My new role is a sister leader - which is like a normal missionary but with a little bit more responsibility. I have to make sure all the sisters in my zone are doing well and to be there for them if needed and report to Pres. Svec on how they are. I also have to go on divisions with them at least once every transfer (and when they ask).

Monday, 1 May 2017

Changing Seasons and changing areas!

Monday - after our P-day time we had FHE (Family Home Evening) with Flia B and played a fun game where they had to roll dice...and if both the dice show 6 (not add up to 6) then they have to put on a hat, a scarf, and sunglasses. Then use a fork and knife to cut open and eat chocolate bars then we taught about the Sabbath day and how, like the chocolate, it is something sweet and wonderful.(See pics of the game)

Shy Elder with Familia B at FHE

Tuesday - was my little sis Talitha´s birthday! And Hna. H´s birthmonth (she has been out 14 months on the mission). We taught one woman who is really sweet and good but doesn´t seem interested in the gospel, but she does love to talk about God with us.

Wednesday -We visited "A" Sr in the morning.   Oh the weather is changing - it is getting cold now, in the morning its cold and at night too, but in the afternoon it is still is that possible?¿?¿ In the afternoon there were people who needed to work on the AC and we had the keys, then after we taught English class 

Thursday - We had lunch with Flia S (the same as every Thursday) when they admitted they had never had Elder H´s famous lemon bars. They agreed to buy the ingredients, if we made it (and teach them how) - so after weekly planning we made lemon bars and had really yummy hot dogs for supper

Friday - Hna. H really wasn´t feeling well the day before and in the morning she still felt bad so she took some time to rest, while I had personal study like normal, cleaned, and brought out my suitcases, and then in the night we had FHE with M and her kids and then ate some really yummy pizza 

Saturday - we went to Puerto Rico (the city in Argentina, not the country) to help local members there with the open church tour thing. They didn´t seem to really need us but it was still good because it was Hna. H´s first area in her mission so she got to see all the members, but we did help. We walked around Puerto Rico inviting people to come to the tour. Then we took a small bus back to Iguazu and there was a big gas leak or something so we stopped and waited outside for another bus (it was really cold). Soon a bigger bus came and a man put his head out the window and said in english "YOU ARE SISTERS", but I didn´t understand what he said. He then put on a Gorden B. Hinckley movie and gave us food from the bus and sat down and talked to us - turns out he is a member. He said that he has a bunch of movies from the church and puts them on and people ask him about it and he hands out pamphlets of the gospel lessons.

Sunday-  We had church like normal and then after I took photos with a bunch of members and said my goodbyes to most (since I knew I would be transferred this coming Wednesday) and then we had FHE with a part-member family that is really hurting. However, they said they were really grateful to us (us and the elders) for coming and playing with them and listening to them.

Today (Monday May 1st) - So I found out today that on Wednesday (I think) I will be transferring to the city of Posadas - my new area is TacuarĂ­. Apparently I will be a Sister leader with my companion Hna. M (who was in the CCM - missionary training centre - with me the last 3 weeks) 

Saying goodbye to Iguazu Falls Members 1

Saying goodbye to Iguazu Falls Members2

Iguazu Falls memento