Monday, 26 June 2017

A little banged and bruised - but still going!

Tuesday - in the morning we were running around buying meat, beans and chips to make lunch for our whole zone and after lunch we went to barrio jardín (neighbourhood garden) for an open church (its a church tour thing for investigators and such) and it went really well! There was even a pastor from another church that came and took a ton of pictures and cried 3 times. I was in charge of the plan of happiness and I just talked like a minute on that.

Wednesday - in the morning we had a meeting with all the leaders of the zone in Argentina and I sang with Hermana. W, Elder M and Elder S (sorry, not using names to protect identities and privacy - remember?). We did a harmony of ¨How Great Thou Art¨ but in Spanish. Then afterwards, we taught "A" and her mom and she seems to be following whatever her mom says, but is interested as well, - we'll see how it works out.

Thursday - we tried to find a lot of people... one was a woman we talked to on the bus and then saw her again on the bus, but she wasn't at home. We taught a less active youth and then we planned for the rest of the week.

Friday - In the morning we made a video with "E" - who recently was baptized....see a couple posts ago -  about her story (just a short little video) for the conference (that will happen tomorrow) and we printed out maps of our area because after lunch (and after a district meeting) almost all of our zone came and contacted in our area and the Elder's area.

Saturday - in the morning we taught "J" - we are not sure if he is really listening or not, but he does have a desire to be closer to God. For lunch we stopped in at Subway and then went to another area to help the zone leaders there with an investigator. After,  we took a bus to come back and saw another bus we needed pass by us, so we went to ran to catch it - but I tripped and fell (I also slept badly in the night at was a little tired) and have a few bruises to show for it. Once I was back on my feet and kinda recovered, we tried to visit an investigator, but she wasn't home. Apparently she is really sick in the hospital! So we helped with a Baptism of a member and I gave a little talk about Baptism,and realized that my skirt ripped - thankfully it wasn't too bad.

Sunday - we didn't have any investigators come to church but the Elders did and she was really great! She was telling everyone she received the Book Of Mormon the other day and was reading it the night before and even fell asleep with it.

Hanging with the Sisters at Zone Meeting

Sitting with our video star "E"

Zone Leaders enjoying Meat, Beans and Chips

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Another Soul enters the Kingdom!

Monday - after p-day we cleaned the baptismal font really well for our upcoming baptism!

Tuesday - Baptism Day!!! We taught "A" in the morning and she accepted to be be baptized in July! We didn't have lunch but it was good because we bought hot dogs instead and went to the church to eat while filling the fount for the baptism, but we realized we had no idea how to heat up the water. To improvise we put water in a huge pot and heated it on the stove and then added it as the cold water poured in from the tap into the font. It took a long time - we were there until the baptism but our efforts were for nothing as the water was still cold. However Pres. and Hna. Svec came to the baptism, along with all of the brand new missionaries. It was really cool, and I know "E" and the family felt really special. (see the pics below)

Wednesday - We went to the bus stop with Hna. K (she had stayed with us since the previous Sunday since her companion left for her area) and welcomed the new sister that will live with us in our apartment. (Hna. W [the nurse] and another Hna. M) For lunch we had "asado" which is just all meat and a bunch of it. After we did our spiritual studies since we couldn't do it in the morning (since we were at the bus stop). That evening we had dinner with "E" and another family - and, surprise, surprise - we had asado again, we were dying but it was all yummy.

Thursday - We tried to teach "A" again, but her mom answered the door and said that she was sick :( -  so we tried to teach her instead but she said that she has another religion. After explaining a bit she let us in and the lesson went well, "A"'s little sister who is 11 was so excited to read and pray and listen. Afterwards we went to the center to do some boring stuff. We were able to teach another "A" taught and that also went well.

Friday - we taught "C" a bit,  then went contacting for a while. We visited a member and taught "G", but she doesn't quite understand the priesthood yet, and the fact that there is only one true church and only worthy men can baptize, but we will teach her again. After that we sat down to do our weekly planning

Saturday - we had a meeting in the morning and made a plan for our upcoming P-day and talked about a church tour that will happen in Jardin. We taught a few lessons in the afternoon

Sunday - We didn't have any investigators come to church but it was still special as "E" was given the gift of the Holy Spirit. We were also fasting (after lunch) for milagros (miracles) and baptisms for the whole zone - every companion gets a day and we are going to be asking everyone to be baptized! After we taught "A" two gain and asked her  to be baptized and she said yes! but she wants to wait for September. 

Monday - in the morning today we played "Minute to Win it" types of games and it was so much fun, then broke to eat our empanadas, and then later we and the other Hermanas (Sisters) that live with us ate ice-cream!
P.S. the fall/winter season here is weird - like it is freezing cold one moment and super hot the next. I don't know what to put on my body to start the day. Oh, in case you are wondering - the work doesn't stop after a person's baptism. We visit the new converts for like a year, (yes it is the responsibility of the members to fellow ship new people too) but we teach them the lessons again but in more depth.
All the Sisters and "E" before her Baptism

The family and us with "E"

Me, "E" and the family

Sunday, 18 June 2017

8 months...and a week!

Sorry, not much to tell for this week...

Tuesday - was my ¨birth-month¨ where I now have been working 8 months in the mission. Whoo Hoo!

Wednesday - we had division meeting and I couldn´t find the person who signed up to feed us lunch but she never confirmed with us either, so we cooked in the apartment instead. It rained a lot and not one person accepted us until the very end of the day.

Thursday - we ended the divisions in the morning and then had lunch with the Bishop and his family which was great because we were able to talk to him about "E's" Baptism

Friday -we had a district meeting in the morning and it was the birthday of Hna. K...we ate 3 cakes in one day. 

Saturday - it was a recent converts birthday so we made another cake and wished him a happy birthday then went to help a sister in the valley because one of them was going to her old area for a baptism (only for part of the day) and the other one had to stay for a meeting. Turns out the meeting didn't happen though, however and Hna. M was sick - like really sick!

Sunday - we skipped Relief Society so we could go to the bus-stop for the splits (where were switch off partners) to be with Hna. C and Hna. K, so Hna C could go with Hna. N to be her companion, sounds confusing I know - and it took all day but it was awesome!
P.S. my Dad asked me how I am doing - sometimes I wake up during the night or can't fall asleep, but even still I have never walked so much in my life or have had so many ups and downs...I am fine and loving it, but when I get home I think I plan to sleep for 3 years, well, maybe 2! I am still working on the language thing - I know a few words in Guarrani (the native, non-spanish language), but I know and understand more in Portuguese....besides Spanish, of course.  Sorry, no pictures this week.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Some Big bright points this week!

Monday - We played volleyball as a zone then later I bought some rain boots because it is non-stop pouring now.

Tuesday - We tried to teach “S” but she wasn’t home but her niece who lives beside her, accepted us. It was raining so hard at times I couldn’t even hear what anyone was saying even though we were all so close our knees were touching. The GREAT news is - she accepted to be baptized on the first of July. The rest of the day we walked the entire time trying to find people but no one wants to be bothered when it is raining, but at the end of the day we had a good lesson with “G” and her daughter, in fact, her son even sat down and listened to the lesson and asked questions.

Wednesday - We taught “A” the Plan of Salvation  but it was a little distracting with her kids trying to get ready for lunch so we only taught a part of the lesson. After lunch we taught a man “J” who we met the day before. He actually stopped US and asked if we could talk and when we did he asked us to teach him something, so we sang a hymn and made an appointment for Wednesday. It was a little weird because we never get people who stop us on the street and ask us to teach them. We taught him the Restoration and turns out he had talked to missionaries sometime before, so we asked him if he would like to be baptized and said “I would really like to” so we asked him to do it the first of July as well.

Thursday - Hna. M woke up really sick and in a lot of pain, and so did Hna. K so in the morning Hna. C and I were taking care of them then tried to look for a phone to cancel one of our lunches, (We haven’t had a phone since Tuesday because the mission switched companies). Thankfully, after lunch we checked on our dear sister companions again and they were a bit better so Hna. C and I went and taught “E” (she will be baptized soon) and helped her remember the things we previously taught her, then we went to Hna. C’s area and taught one of her investigators.

Friday - We basically just tried to find people but didn’t teach a whole lot. but at 5 we had a district meeting - basically a zone meeting. Hna. M and I made a game and cake for everyone.

Saturday - in the morning we had another meeting, then we found a girl who is amazing, she does so much and only is 16years of age! She was really happy to talk to us

Sunday -  in the morning we tried to get “G” but she was sleeping and couldn’t hear us. Guess what? It rained again and we were worried that “E” wasn’t going to come either because it is really hard for her to walk and with the rain it is even harder. To our surprise she and her whole family came to church. We later had a lesson with her and she admitted the car had stopped a few times and when they tried to come back it stopped too - so “M” (our recently baptized friend) and her grandsons pushed the car home.

Other Thoughts - I think I look a little different than when I left - I have lost like 20 pounds, but I am learning more and more to have patience for myself, and for everyone else. I also really like reading the scriptures and the Liahona or Ensign.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Teaching in front of a Drug Deal!

Tuesday - it hardcore rained - lightning and all! We tried to find an reference in the morning but couldn't find her so we visited another member instead.  She is all happy because her grandson is home from his mission. That evening we had an appointment with "A" and her family but they weren't home, I don't think they are interested any more so we have decided to move on. Then we taught "M" and "E" and he said he had an exam on the day he was supposed to be baptized - it is an exam that he has been waiting 2 years for. Oh no, we were so worried - but he asked if he could be baptized the Friday and not the Saturday, and we said a huge yes!!!! (See the pic below of his baptism)

Wednesday - it was cloudy and cold. In the morning we contacted a lot. After lunch we taught "Y". We went over the Restoration and the Book of Mormon again but we taught that the Book of Mormon can answer all your questions, and she really enjoyed it.

Thursday - in the morning I was with Hna. C because she and Hna. K live with us in the apartment and they have to take a bus to get to their area, and this day was the day for "Locro" (it is a soup but I haven't tried it yet.  It is a hearty thick stew popular along the Andes mountain range. It's one of the national dishes of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The dish is a classic corn, beans, and potato or pumpkin soup well known along the South American Andes.) The ward they were helping was having it together for lunch in the church which is really close to where we live. We contacted like 25 people in like an hour and a half because everyone was outside and all excited for Locro. Then after lunch we went to a birthday party that was really quick, but they are converts and invited 8 missionaries. Then later that evening it was OUR wards' party thing and we were waiting for "Y" but she texted us saying someone had locked her in the house and she couldn't leave nor can we continue to teach her.  She said she still wants us but until she is allowed to - she asked us not to come.

Friday - there was a district meeting first, then we prepared for the Baptism of "M"! The day before we made a cake and bought cookies for the celebration. He was sooo nervous, and we were too! Everyone was really excited for him, it really is a great joy to see someone be baptized after teaching them. Seeing them choose the right is so cool!

Saturday - it also rained just a little bit, and Hna. M is now 7 months in the mission! We ended up just mostly contacting, and found one woman who listened to us and accepted to be baptized if she receives an answer which is awesome! Later we taught "G" and her daughter and a friend of the daughter and taught them all the Plan of Salvation

Sunday - "E" came to church! It is really hard for her to walk but she came to church! "M" also received the gift of the Holy Ghost, then after we went and visited a reference with a member and she was a little hard but i think it is just because she is hurting. After we taught a lesson right in front of a drug deal!!!!! The entire time we were teaching the drug deal was going on but the lesson went really well despite what was happening around us and the woman asked us to come back. I must admit that just might be the oddest lesson I have done so far

Celebrating "M"s Baptism

Beautiful Local Graffiti Art

Sister Barton Loves her Ice Cream!

Sharing a Companion Snack
Two Shining Faces in the Gospel