Monday, 24 July 2017

Crazy week - some ups, some downs and the loss of a friend

Monday - our P-day really wasn't even a p-day the morning we wrote our e-mails then bought tickets for the bus to Ituzaingo (another city) to have divisions with the Hermannas there, After waiting for the bus to come, we spend an hour riding and the hnas were just finishing up writing. I unfortunately decided the day before to wash my coat, and so did not have a coat for one of 2 coldest days of my mission. I used my rain coat and a jacket from another sister and it was sooo cold. Oh and I didn´t bring a blanket to sleep either, but luckily Hna. Q had a throw-blanket she could lend me. Neither Hna M (my companion), nor I slept very much that night, because one) it was cold and two) the little heater they had gave off a lot of light.

Tuesday - luckily I wasn't really tired all day, I was actually quite fine. This time I put on a shirt, skirt and the same dress from the day before so I wasn´t freezing to death. I was with Hna. Q and it was really cool because she is still new and being trained and I ¨made¨ her start one of the lessons we had. She admitted she was really nervous because she has never done it before but she did it so well!!!  One of the investigators asked me to speak in English after the lesson and she did too so I gave my testimony and he kept nodding and said I understood ¨people¨ haha but it was really cool to be with a new missionary. 

Wednesday - we tried to pass by for "O" in the morning but she wasn´t home so we tried to call her and heard her cell ringing inside her house! haha! So we taught "G" but she was really sick and wasn´t paying a ton of attention to us so we only taught her about faith. We went to visit "I" and "L" again, and we invited them to the baptism of the Elders on Saturday but "L" said she will be going to her church on Saturday with another family member, then looked at "I" as if he would be going too. Then he said ¨I wont be going, I feel good here¨ (in the church of Jesus Christ) it was so awesome! We taught her about the Priesthood Authority and she asked why we keep asking her to ask God. She then asked "are you saying my baptism wasn't valid? because it was in water and my desire was right and God knows my heart". Hna. M said "no it wasn´t but we will show you why". So we explained that yes there are three things that are important to baptism 1) immersion in water, 2) the person's heart or understanding, and 3) the Priesthood. A baptism is not valid if it doesn't have even one of these things. She was quite for a second and said "I definitely need to ask God¨ - like wow. 

Thursday - We tried to pass by for "O" again and she was home this time, but said she is really busy.  She asked us to come back Tuesday. We taught "L" about Prophets and how Christ established HIS church on the earth when he lived. When we taught her the importance of Prophets - she was in awe. It was also friends day so we ate some ice cream.

Friday - We went to Lavalle for their district meeting then rushed back for lunch. We visited "M" and met his son. We also tried lots of other people but no one could visit. So, we planned a bit and then helped (basically forced) Hna. W pack because she will be going home next Tuesday.

Saturday -  was crazy! We moved everything around so we could be everywhere. We had lunch a little earlier than usual, then taught "I" with a member about how if he reads and comes to church and pray he will get an answer but he needs to do all three. Then off we went to Lavalle again to help contact people to come to the activity they were having...and as we were on the bus we received a message from another member that she won't be home,so we stayed a little longer than we planned. Still, we had to go back to our area to go to the baptism the Elders had arranged. 

Sunday - "I" came to church for 2 hours but had to leave after because he has a lot of pain in his back. After church we helped Hna. W finish packing the last of her stuff just before the Elders came for her - we took a bunch of pictures (on her camera - sorry I don't have the photos) and she left. It is weird to be so close to someone finishing their mission, I know I have a lot left, but it goes by so quickly. I have learned to not worry about the little stuff and to just work and everything will work out. After, the three of us Hermannas went and taught a family of 6 about the church.
P.S. some follow-up on lasts week's post.  Flan....Is....Super....Important (I finally got to have it last week after waiting sooo long). Actually I like Creme Brule better but it basically the same thing. Its a whole Latin thing down here. We had to get another Sister's ID because we have to have ID to live here. First, we get a paper that is only for a certain time, and then later an "official" card like my license. I've had mine for like 2 months i think. As I kinda mentioned on my Monday comment - the weather here is awful right now. It is freezing cold in the morning then really hot in the afternoon then back to cold in the night.

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