Sunday, 16 July 2017

Division meeting July 3rd 2017

Monday - we had interviews with Pres. Svec then we ate, chinese food and ice-cream, wrote, did some shopping (I just looked - no buying) then cleaned a lot. We ended our P-Day by getting the cake for the zone conference the next day.

Tuesday - was the zone conference and this time, ALL the missionaries that had/have birthdays in june and july go up front and everyone sings to them in Spanish, English, Guarrani, and/or Portugese, and then they were all given a little cardboard box full of little treats. Since my birthday is  really soon they sang to me as well and the little box was really cute, and then we all get cake. When the conference was finished we wrote in some of the missionary's journals that are about to finish their mission. When all the activity/conference was over, we took a bus back to our area, and found "A" who we haven't been able to talk to forever! She told us she is having such a hard time - she got evicted out of her house and now lives with her parents and her 4 boys. She said she can't accept us right now, not because she doesn't want to but she can't, with her situation. So, we encouraged her to keep praying and when she is ready we are too.

Wednesday - we tried to teach young "A" (not yesterday's "A")  and her mom but her little sister said that they can't accept us now because she has a job in the morning and school in the afternoon.  Two others we were hoping to meet up with "V" and "S" weren't there when we tried to pass by. However we went to "L's" house and her mom, and sisters were there too and listened to us and when we ended we explained how to pray and "L" immediately asked to pray. It was so awesome! 

Thursday - We visited the grandma of the boyfriend of "Y" and she is always super happy to talk to us and hear us sing, and she said that "Y" lives in another place.  Later we caught up to "M" at his house and talked about the Doctrine & Covenants a bit, and then we visited "C". Also weekly planning

Friday - we had divisions with the other Hermanas (Sisters) that we live with - I was with hna. M and the other hna. M was with hna. W. In the morning we were working in my area and went to a place where it is a bunch of apartments and clapped at every door/floor of the building (remember we don't knock at doors in Argentina, we clap) and got a bunch of really good contacts it was my favourite part of the day. After we went to hna M's area and contacted a lot too and even found some people to teach there as well.

Saturday - We finished the divisions and then we went looking for "V" and "S" who we tried to find on Wednesday. We and found "V" and taught her about faith and a little about repentance. After were invited to a members house after lunch (we ate lunch with them) and went through a list of all the members and marked the ones that have people who are not baptized yet. After lunch we went to visit with "L" again and taught her, her sister and her daughter and invited them to church and she was really excited and said that she will come.

Sunday - Lorena didn't come to church, in fact we didn't have any investigators that came, but after lunch we went with members to find old investigators. Not much luck there so we went to visit a part-member family and they had been through some really hard stuff lately, so hna. "M" shared a scripture with them which brought tears to their eyes.

Sisters Pit Stopping for Ice Cream

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