Sunday, 16 July 2017

My BIRTHDAY week and having some teaching success

Monday - we cleaned for a bit in the morning the hna. M and I went to the computer center to print off our email to read them, then as we were waiting for the other hnas (Sisters) a boy asked us if we were "Mormons" and, well yeah we are, so we said yes and he asked where the church is and was asking a lot about missions and said that he wants to serve one.¡Que milagro! (What a Miracle!) so we gave him the number of the missionaries where he lives and the directions to the church.

Tuesday - BIRTHDAY, I am now officially 20! It was a very cake-filled the morning I ate a piece of cake and hna. "M" bought me some things from an argentina version of Claires (a women's store we have in Canada). After we went to a house we had contacted at the day before, it was a woman and her daughter and they are really sweet! It is really funny though because her husband is a pastor and they want to make a church and we started teaching about when Christ established his church on the earth and the priesthood but didn't get to go any farther about Joseph Smith. We gave her the pamphlet to read and she said that later she has a meeting with other pastors or something like that and that she is going to share it with them - what could we say "yeah you should do is great to share the word of God". After we went to the church and studied the scriptures, then went to a member's house to eat chicken alfredo 👌 (my favourite!) and I got surprised by hna. M (the other Sister M, from Guatamala) and hna. W with a second cake and song singing. We put the frivolities aside and went back to teaching people, but as we were going to go home, hna. M said that our local Mission Leader (a member) needed us to come to the church for a meeting.  Again I was surprised with more cake and song singing from the elders and sisters, it was an awesome day!!!

Wednesday - we went to Lavalle (an area still in Posadas) to have divisions with the Hermanas (Sisters) there. In the morning there was a district meeting and we made a goal to invite everyone to be baptized, then hna. M and I went to an apartment complex where she had some investigators to visit but every single one couldn't meet with us so we clapped at like every door. No luck - we couldn't find anyone to teach. Later that evening we went to visit some local members.

Thursday - in the morning we finished the divisions and hna. M made me a little card to wish me a happy 9 months out in the mission field (the half-way point) and gave me a card from hna. N, my first companion. I don't really remember much after that but we did weekly planning

Friday - in the morning we had a leader meeting, then we went to a local member's house for a lunch appointment with the zone leaders and it was so yummy and the desert too. After we walked a lot trying to  find and teach people. On a sad note....we have stopped teaching "J" because he is just not progressing. We taught a family that was referred to us and it went really well! The mom is a little hard about the Book of Mormon but she still wants to learn and the son had lots of questions and said that he'll come to church.

Saturday - in the morning we went to teach some people but they weren't there so we went to see "A" who also wasn't there (bummer) but her sister was (who we contacted in the first place) and we taught her. She said she wants to go to church but she can't go to hers, and we sang and talked about faith and Repentance and made another appointment to come back and see her. We had our district meeting and then after hna. W and I went and taught "M" and it was such a great lesson! She prayed too and hna. W said it was the most wonderful prayer she has heard from an investigator praying for the first time.

Sunday - the son from the family we taught on Friday came to church for the first hour because his sister came from Buenas Aires to visit. After church we had lunch with a family and I got to try Locro for the first time and I liked it (Locro is a hearty thick stew popular along the Andes mountain range. It's one of the national dishes of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The dish is a classic corn, beans, and potato or pumpkin soup). After my first Locro experience, my companion and I planned and studied and then taught a person who was referred to us from a member and that went really well.
A little water fun on our Day Off!

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