Friday, 21 July 2017

Using my voice to touch people's hearts!

Monday - P-DAY - in the morning we went to Lavalle to have a water-balloon activity where we tried to toss balloons to each other with our towels (see pictures below), then after we had to answer questions in under a minute or they would pop a balloon over our heads (there is a picture of me getting one wrong the blog post before).

Tuesday - we went to the center so that hna. M could get her ID from Argentina (I already have mine) and we bought lunch from the Chinese restaurant. We taught "L" after lunch about the Book of Mormon and invited her to pray about it and if what we are teaching is true. She said "I feel that it is - I know it is - but I will pray anyways." Then we went to visit M, who we haven't seen in a while - he said that he has a lot of question but he wasn't home when we came by. We did get to talk to his mom and at first she didn't want to listen to us but after we sang she asked us to come in and sit down (I am going to be singing more now) then we taught "I" and his mom and they have a lot of doubts but are really interested.

Wednesday - we contacted SO much and we met really awesome people - like one woman we passed by and then stopped and turned around and talked to her. It was amazing because her husband died and she "even said you felt in your heart that you needed to talk to me, I knew that you were going to come back". Llike wow!!! because we almost didn't stop and turn around. After lunch we tried to find her house but couldn't find it, so we went to the apartment buildings to find a different contact we had made a little bit ago. She was so happy to see us and we talked with her but she is very Evangelical - like really Evangelical! She told us a woman can't cut her hair or put makeup on, and they also speak in tongues in her church and other different stuff. Funny part is though -  she also said "I know that my church won't save me". We invited her to ask God what is the true church. She thought for a moment and said she has listened to a lot of different missionaries from different religions, but no one has ever invited her to ask God. That evenging we ate churipan with "C" (it's a type of sandwich made with chorizo sausage that is popular in Argentina).

Thursday - we contacted a bit then went to try and find our lunch appointment and once we did (we only called them once) and for desert  they made FLAN!!!! I was so happy i have been here for 9 months and have not recieved one flan.  I have been waiting for this! Later we tried to find other people but they weren't home so we went and did weekly planning instead.

Friday - in the morning we tried to find the woman we almost didn't turn around and talk to on Wednesday ("G") and it took all morning but we found her! She is so sweet, we invited her to church and she said yes. After that amazing meeting, we had a zone activity where we gave out Books of Mormon and found a young family that is absolutely wonderful and interested in learning about the Gospel. There was a glitch though - they are from Paraguay, and guess what? They are absolutely in love with Canada! When I said where I am from the wife hugged me again, they said that their dream is to go there. They made me feel so important to them like they needed ME to talk to them 😍 and they gave us their home directions so the missionaries there can teach them. The rest of the day I sang with some other missionaries trying to bring people in - my voice hurt a lot! I think we sang for like 2 hours straight. 

Saturday - we visited "A" and it was a bit depressing.  She doesn't have the greatest influences in her life and really doesn't let us teach...she just wants us to listen to her, like a visit. So we won't be teaching her more. We did go teach "L" about Prophets and Jesus Christ and when he made his church, because she didn't have a lot of time but she was amazed when we taught about how important the Prophets are. After that we taught "I" and his sister, and how with the Book Of Mormon, it can answer questions and he agreed to come to church.

Sunday - Church went well "I" came for the first 2 hours then left, but the elders had their investigator come too and she is a love. She will be baptized on next Saturday. After church hna.  M was sick with her allergies so she slept and I read and cleaned a bit
Elder Pyramid P-Day Fun in Lavelle

Catch the Balloon

Toss the Balloon

Being Sung To for my Birthday (see previous blog)

20th birthday Treats

P-Day fun

2017 July Zone Conference

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