Monday, 28 August 2017

Week something or other - losing track of the numbers!

Monday - after P-day We went to Familia (family) Duarte and they taught us how to make a really yummy food that I don't remember what it is called, but it is really good.

Tuesday- in the morning we went to Graciela but she wasn't home so then we tried Noelia but she couldn't either. A member asked us for help so we helped them and then had lunch with them. We taught Mariana, well it was more answering her questions, which she had a lot of - but it's so good because she is really interested - she wants to understand everything. We also tried to find Sole and Ana but they weren't home, so we went with Ceci and Alejandro and taught Isaias and it went really well. I must admit it is a little hard for us because we know he is feeling the spirit but he says that he is not feeling anything. We found Paula again, with her brand new baby (20 days old), and we showed a few Mormon messages with her on the Plan of Salvation 

Wednesday - in the morning again we were trying for some people but they weren't home or just couldn't and then we bought some stuff to make lunch. Just our luck though - we ran out of gas to cook so we called a place and waited like 40 minutes and nothing. We tried to call again and one lady told us we hadn't come out to get it when they came so they left but no one called us or anything. Another lady told us our address doesn't exist, and no one will be come because everyone in Argentina takes a nap and everything closes. So, instead, we went to the church to finish cooking our food then ate in our apartment. After lunch, it was a lot of just trying to find people 

Thursday - in then morning we went to Matias our convert we have been trying to find forever but he wasn't home. Undaunted, we tried Sole but she was busy too. We walked from one point of our area to the other getting food for the surprise party in the night for Hermanna Mollo's birthday. No one was home at our lunch appointment, but the surprise party went really well she seemed really happy.

Friday - we went to Apostoles (a city in the province of Misiones, about 60 km south of Posadas) for divisions. Pres. Svec gave us another companionship to be the Sister Leaders over, and the area is very pretty. In the morning we made pizza and pasta flor, and Empanadas then ate with them, (our new companionship we are responsible for). After lunch Hermanna Katalin and I went to a more poorer part of the area and tried to find some investigators she knew of, but they weren't there...however, we found 4 NEW people to teach. I must admit, even though it is still "winter" the day was also super hot like summer again 

Saturday - we were invited to a district meeting in the morning so we left Apostoles at 7:30 am to get to Lavalle then after that we went to our area to eat, then we had our own district meeting 

Sunday - was a multi-stake conference, with a broadcast of Elder Rasband. At first the signal didn't work very well because there was (and is) a torment (storm) going on, but it is just lots of wind and rain. Elder Rasband talked a lot about how important it is for the members to work with the missionaries, and it was so good because we cannot baptize people and for them to go in active because they don't have any friends.

Yeah, the insects are kinda nasty!

A trip to see ancient history and a packed week

Riding the Bus!
Monday - so we printed off our letters to read like normal and then hopped on a bus to San Ignacio to see the ruins there and it was really cool! (see the pics below) There wasn't a whole bunch of ruins like we thought there would be, but it was still cool! HOWEVER, after we realized that neither one of us had the cellphone - so we went back into the ruins to look for it but couldn't find it anywhere. The workers said no one had given them a phone or anything, Not only that, but looking for the phone ended up taking a lot of time so we had to leave on another bus to get back to Posadas. The bus was going to IguazĂș so we had to connect with and hitch another bus to Posadas. We then we quickly wrote home, and then tried to take a taxi from the family history library back to our apartment because it was late. The driver was super rude so we took another one.  To top it off in the night we were drinking and the thermos (thing that keeps the water hot) fell off the table and broke. In the night time an electric plug exploded where my companion sleeps but nothing happened to her luckily. Man, it was just a crazy day.

Tuesday - we went to teach a new investigator named Graciela and she is really sweet, and knows a bit of the bible. She has interest in the fact we can be with our families again in the eternities, then we taught another new investigator named Noelia and she is really good too. After lunch we walked to our apartment to again get ready to go to the mission house for a FHE and that was fun, we ate hamburgers, and us girls slept over.

Wednesday - in the morning was the consejo (council) of the leaders where we made a plan for our zone and goals according to what we learned for Elder Packer the week before. We then presented it to the other leaders, then after we contacted with a member the rest of the day because no one was home. In the evening we met with the zone leaders to make a plan to talk about in the conference the next day

Thursday - was the zone conference and they did it a little different this time because they showed 17 points Elder Packer talked about and then let us, as a zone, choose 4 or 5 points we think we need to focus on and make goals on those points. After, we went back to our area and taught a few people 

Friday - we had a lot of plans but no one accepted us. Noelia was crying and asked us to come back another day, and no one else was home. We did find Ana again and taught her and the lesson went so well like wow! it was so powerful! Unfortunately she didn't accept to be baptized. After that lesson, we found a young person and taught her how to pray and it was cute because her cousins are another religion and they were so excited to pray (they are like 4 and 6 years old) 

Saturday - in the morning we had a meeting like a district meeting, but with the Young Single Adults and Isaias came as well - it was really fun. Then we taught Marian again and she had lots of question and we were able to answer all of them, but she didn't accept to be baptized either, yet, because she first wants an answer because she knows that this is very important.

Sunday - no investigators came to church this week but it was a good day because after lunch and studies we taught solely the younger person we met Friday and she accepted to be baptized !!!!!


The struggle and the Rain

Always looking ahead!

Monday - in the morning we were asked to clean an apartment so other Elders/Hermanas could stay in it and it was awfully dirty. I don't even know how many cucarachas (cockroaches) we found. It was our rest day so we ate in our apartment then took a nap till 4, then we wrote home, and in the evening we visited a member.

Tuesday - we left really early in the morning to teach Olga (I will put the first names in now because we have been given permission) because she said she is home in the morning, but it was 9 am, and she wasn't home. In fact, no one was home in the morning. After lunch we tried to go into the apartment building but the keys were locked inside and the door shut. I really needed the bathroom!!!  After who knows how long, someone opened the door and we ran in, grabbed the keys, and ran into the apartment so I could use the washroom. We left for the mission house and we were the only ones there from 6:30pm until 9pm so Hna. Martinez played the piano and I sang as we called members as a surprise, and 3 of them cried.

Wednesday - in the morning all the leaders, including my companion and I, met with Elder Packer and he said the most important thing we do with our investigators is the follow up! After that, all the missionaries in Argentina had a conference with Elder Packer. We learned a lot really, he touched on a lot of points - but said it is really crucial for us to make sure our investigators understand the lessons/gospel and to make it simple. When the conference ended, we went back to our area and had FHE with Family Duarte which was so much fun.

Thursday - in the morning a huge milagro (miracle)! So we were giving Carlos a plate back as a woman passed by us and as we were walking back she stopped, turned around and asked us if we could visit her house and teach her. She said the elders had visited her before and she learned English from them too. Then we went and taught Mariana and that went really well as well.

Friday -in the morning we were trying to help another zone make shirts and we gave all the information to the company, but the colour they wanted for the shirts was really expensive so we tried calling them but no one answered.  The the company gave us their number so the other zone could call them instead. We had divisions (where we go with other companions). The plans we had made for me had back up plans, and even the back up plans had back up plans but not one of them worked out. So we ended up contacting all day and met a few really awesome people.

Saturday - we visited Victoria, she didn't have time, but said she would come to church and bring a friend too. Unfortunately, then it rained. Hard! When it rains, we don't have much luck. Not one person opened their door to us, not even our miracle lady (Luciana) when we stopped by. Her mom told us to come back another day then left. So off we went to visit Mariana and she accepted us for just a quick moment. but said that if it rains on Sunday she won't come because she has 5 young children (I will include a picture of when she did come to church below).

Sunday - it rained. We tried calling Mariana but she said no, so we went to church and Isaias came and then, just before the sacrament Mariana and her 5 kids all came to church and they were so good and listened the entire time.

A wonderful single mother of 5

The area is challenging - there were a lot of missionaries before that wanted to close the area, but it is a lot better, and we have a good amount of investigators. I have also learned an area can be like the hardest in the mission but if you think of it as a good area it will be, but if you think of it as a bad area it will be. I guess it could be the same with your job, or whatever situation in life. I don't like planting seeds but I know it is necessary.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Information Overload - NOT!

Sorry, I don't have time to write this week...I will write everything next week, but I am doing well and we had a lot of milagros (miracles) this week. Below are some pics to keep you occupied until then

My Sister Companions

Gaggle of Sister Missionaries

Gaggle two

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Working together with the other Sisters

Tuesday - we went to teach "L" and see what's up - because she didn't come to church. As we got to her house in the morning she was walking with a woman that was from her church. She ignored us the entire time, only told us she has a meeting with one of the leaders of her church (the woman) and she can't meet with us today. Then the other woman started talking to us saying she already has her church. So we asked in a friendly way, what is the name of the church and where it is and then she asked us the same thing so Hna. "M" said "well, it depends on where you live" and started giving the direction to all the church building that are in Posadas, haha. Well anyways everyone was friendly enough but the woman was definitely trying to get us to leave while "L" ignored us. We went to lunch with the "D" Family. Duarte then we taught "M". We used the "cups and knives" example to show how important it is to pray, read the scriptures and come to church, and that by doing so you will receive answers. We also had a lesson with "A" and her daughter "Y" (who was a referrence from another Sister Missionary) and this time it was a lot better than before.

Wednesday - we had interviews with Presedent Svec and a few months ago he gave us a challenge to read the Book of Mormom in 90 days which is supposed to end in August and to mark our scriptures up with colours with the doctrine of Christ. I admit I had a lot of fear because well, I was only in 2 Nephi 3 and it's August already.....but he told me I was doing really well and my Book of Mormon looks all pretty. He even commented on the fact I am marking words that I don't know and putting the English word above it. Anyways, after lunch we taught "I" with the help of a local member, and we showed 2 videos so he could really feel the spirit and recognize it. He liked the first video, but it's kind of hard to teach him because he follows what his mom says, and his mom doesn't support him or us. 

Thursday - we had Missionary divisions with the Hermannas (Sister Missionarys) from Villa Cabello (who live with us). I was with a Sister from Bolivia who had was only 8 days in the mission. We went to see a few people in the morning and not one of them were home. So we went to our lunch appointment but when we showed up and they said they weren't ready for us yet, so we went and contacted in the neighbourhood for ten minutes more and came back. After lunch we went contacting some more and I bought us a little ice-cream.  After we taught "M" and during the lesson her son was throwing rocks and pieces of brick at us and wasn't listening to his mom, but not one of them hit us. I kinda felt like Samuel the Lamanite (if you don't remember, look it up in the Book of Mormon).

Friday - in the morning we passed by for people and again no one was home or were busy like "P", who was going to the hospital to check how her baby is doing. So we spent the whole rest of the day contacting.

Saturday - we had a district meeting and we were in charge of the practice and the theme was "talk with everyone". After we had lunch we made a cake because there was going to be a baptism for an investigators of the other sisters. We also taught "M" and she said she would be coming to church. That evening we went to the baptism and it was really sweet...we even sang "How Great Thou Art"

Sunday - no one came to church but we had a huge lunch

Service Cleaning - and "playing" with insects

Member Lunch Appointment

Our Wonderful Lunch Hosts
P.S. Winter here is like nothing! It is cold for like 2 days and it rains in the winter and that's it. I still suffer from the sun.  So far the most unusual thing I've eaten is Cow Stomach Soup - I don't remember what it is called but it is only cow with some potatoes and other vegetables.  I was offered blood sausage, but respectfully declined (I think you can see some in the lunch picture above - it is the dark, black sausage). The picture of me cleaning with the blue shirt was a service project. It was an apartment no one had lived in for quite some time, the door was left wide-open - and it was filled with cockroaches. Yuck!

A LOT of resistance and setbacks

Monday - we went to the placita and I bought a cup for tararé

Tuesday - we taught "T" who we contacted a few days ago, we only talked a little bit about the Articles of faith and she seems pretty interested. Then we taught a person who was referred to us from a member again and the mom made it pretty clear she is only listening to the word of God and will not be changing her religion. We tried to explain about the Priesthood authority but she still refused.

Wednesday - we tried to find another reference from the elders but found "D" who is pretty catholic. We only sang a hymn and talked about faith. After we kept looking for the original person and asked "V" and her mom for directions and wow - was she excited to see us (we don't know her). She asked us to come back another day...but we found the house we were looking for with their help but not the people we wanted to see (other people live there). After lunch we taught "A" who was an investigator during my first 6 weeks here (in Posadas) but it was only something short. After we went with "S" (who is a member) and taught "M" and she has 5 kids who are all crazy! haha  One of them loves to listen to us, but they were at school so we taught about faith. We also taught "P" who we first met on Tuesday and she is basically just waiting for her baby to be born. We taught her a bit of the plan of salvation, and she told us her sister had died a few years ago and she has faith they will see each other again.

Thursday - in the morning we went to try several ladies and found "M" cleaning but, sadly, she said she doesn't want us coming back anymore because she is baptized and has her church and now that she is playing with God (by listening to us) she is suffering. Yeah, that was a little hard but we know we did our part. We tried to meet up with "C" who wasn't home. Funny thing was - an older couple passed by us as we were clapping (which is how people knock down here) and the woman was like angry at us, saying "oh its those Jehovah Witnesess!"  along with other stuff I don't remember...but she was really upset. So, we tried walking everywhere trying to teach, but "L" was at her church which we were a little sad about, and we called lots of members to help us teach "I" but no one was answering and it ended up that he was working or something anyway. We ended up buying some ice-cream (because it was also the day that Hna. M, my companion, reached her 9 month mark) then went to the apartment to do weekly planning.

Friday - we tried to find "D" again but she wasn't home, so we passed by for "L" and she was home...BUT she told us she can't be baptized because she was baptized in her church and she is going there instead. We just kinda sat quietly for a second and then asked her to think of a question and then opened the Book of Mormon and answered her question. It was a whole lot better than us talking because we knew she wouldn't listen to the words WE would have said but to the scriptures yes! We also showed her a Mormon message of Elder Holland and invited her to visit the church and she accepted!. We also visited "C" latter that day and he was not doing well health-wise so we prayed with him and waited with him until his brother came.

Saturday - we passed by for "A" again but she wasn't home. so we went to see "V" and we got to know her. She loves art and showed us her paintings, which are really good! She told us she wants to come to church and be a member but was scared she was too old (she is 16) and she wanted to know everything about a mission! Later we taught "I" with the video "Together Forever" with the different stories and answered his questions with the tree of life chapter. When we tried to invite him to get baptized he said he doesn't want to yet, he wants to understand everything and basically read all of the Book of Mormon. We tried to point out we are going to learn something new everyday for the rest of our life and that a baptismal date is a goal on a longer journey, and when I gave examples to try to explain better he acted as if he couldn't understand (and was trying not to laugh). I admit that upset me a lot but I finished my example because I knew he could understand me, he just didn't want to commit. 

Sunday - in the morning we went to the "D" family's house to do missionary divisions so that we could get 2 investigators. Sister "A" and I tried to meet up with "M" and her kids but they were sleeping and her mom came out and told us she would let them know that we came. When I tried to explain we were there to pick them up, she said she can't hear very well but she will tell them that we came and closed the door. So we didn't have anyone come to church but the talks were really good and really uplifting. Also a recent convert gave me a "Finding Dory" fold-able cup because in Relief Society we are doing a "secret friend" thing and I was hers (mine is Hna "M", my companion, how funny!) 

Apparently you CAN read the scriptures too much in one Day!
My Birthday Message to my Sister for the end of July