Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Another shocking and unexpected week!

Monday - was really calm and relaxing. We bought some stuff (I bought mate cups [a traditional Argentinian Drink] for my brother and sisters) and then went to visit Paula but she wasn't there. So we went to visit Familia Duarte and since Elba just died suddenly last week some of the family was there. At first we were just visiting, but then they had some questions and stuff so we ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation 

Tuesday - we went in the morning to visit Susana but she was just about to leave for her doctors appointment and asked us to come the next day instead. After lunch we just did a lot of walking and taught Dora again and she is really sweet, but I don't think she understands completely. Then it happened -  that night when we were all getting ready to go to bed...we got a call telling us there are going to be an emergency changes and Hermanna Martinez would be going to Obera with Hermanna Cardona (she lived with us before) and that Hermanna Risco would be my companion now. Also, we needed to be at the gathering place at 9 in  the morning so all night we helped Hna. Martinez pack so that she could be ready for tomorrow. Needless to say we didn't sleep until midnight.

Wednesday - so she finished packing the last things then we took a taxi to the terminal and we talked with everyone as we waited (Hna. Risco was coming from IguazĂș) and she came with a leg brace having a hard time walking. She said she tore her ACL and the doctor told her she needed to rest and not walk. So, we took a taxi with the Elders to our apartment so that they could help her up (we live on the 2nd floor) - then I helped her put all her stuff away

Thursday - I called a member that we had our lunch appointment with, asking if they could bring the lunch to us instead. Hna Risco also asked for a blessing. During the rest of the day we watched some church movies but we basically cleaned, then we called another member to help us because Hna. Risco had an appointment at 7:30 pm for an MRI. We were so blessed - the member cooked some food for us and took us home and told us SHE was a blessed beyond measure for helping us because in the short time that Hna. Risco got her MRI - the member received 5 new clients.

Friday - again we didn't really do anything outside the apartment thanks to Hna. Risco's knee but then Pres. Svec called and told her the doctor said that she needs surgery for her knee! She would be going home that day for a bit to get better then she would be coming back to the mission. We rushed trying to pack and the sister leaders came and helped us as well, then the elders took her and I stayed with the sister leaders until the other Hermannas came back.

Saturday - in the morning we went to Villa Cabello and taught the sister of a member...then after lunch we taught Mariana and we talked about baptism but she wasn't willing to commit to a date to be baptized. I also received my new camera

Sunday - was stake conference with Elder Krasnoselski and we even had an investigator come (from villa cabello). After lunch and studies we visited Familia Duarte again and sang some hymns with them but as we started to walk back to the apartment there was lightning and strong wind, but no rain - yet. The Elders called us to ask us to hurry to our apartment because of the impending storm - almost as soon as we got in the Heavens opened up with the worst rain, even the power went out for a bit.
Conference with Elder Krasnoselski

Sisters Sharing Pie

Sisters in the Gospel and at Lunch

A Shock! Gone so fast!

Monday - Pday! so I bought makeup that also has sunscreen in it and I didn't know my colour because I have been under the sun so long who knows what colour I am. Anyways, the lady asked me if I go red like in my face so that she could offer me the best make up but she used the word "Rosacia" and its not a bad word just fancy but Hermana Martinez thought it was really funny and it has now become my "Latina" name. After p-day we went back to missionary work and we talked to a guy that doesn't believe in God. He said he used to, but then changed and thinks that it is all in our head. So we spent some time talking to him and after - he said he would like to hear more of what we have to say
Tuesday - We did divisions again with the Hermanas in villa cabello and I was with the other Hermana Martinez (not my companion) and there was no one we could meet with in the morning - so we contacted people and made some good contacts. In the afternoon, we taught Mariana and she always has a bunch of questions, but this time the way she was talking sounded as though she wants to be baptized! She and her daughters even received skirts from a friend because she heard they were coming to church and the friend wants to hear about it too. We also went to teach Jessica but she had to leave so we taught her daughter basically how to pray because she was really nervous and looked like she didn't want to be with us. We just took the time to get to know her then we came back a little early to switch partners again so the other Hermannas could do the studies that they have to do and Hermana Martinez (MY Hermanna Martinez) and I went to Jorge (who doesn't believe in God) and read the story of Korihor. He he took a picture of the pages to read more later, he even started to change a bit saying he is going to try and talk to God again
Wednesday - we tried to teach different people but no one could meet with us. Our friend, Paula had people fixing stuff so she couldn't accept us into her home either.
Thursday - in the morning we went to Familia Duarte so we could put more focus on Elba. She thinks she is doing really well with her health and everything but she was a little worried that her family and her aren't doing their family prayers every day. She said she does her own personal prayers though. Later we tried to find a contact we had made the other day but couldn't find the house. After lunch we tried to find a reference from the other Hermannas but couldn't find her, however, we found a young woman with schizophrenia that was happy to talk to us... but she was smoking and told us that she was pregnant too. She was with a lot of young children (that aren't hers they live next to her) that told her to stop smoking so that we could talk about God, so we sang a hymn and said a prayer. We were also able to make contact with Dora and she loves the bible! When we came, she grabbed her bible and sat down to listen to us and read along - she is an old woman but you can tell she really loves her Saviour.
Friday - we went to teach a new person we contacted who asked us to come this day but she wasn't home. After that we were given some sad news -  we got a call from Hermanna Duarte saying her mom (Elba) had just died and she asked us to come by but she was in another part of the city signing some papers. We walked all the way there...calling members as we walked to let them know. Hermanna Duarte was having a hard time but she was happy that we were there and she told us that it happened so quick (heart attack). We assured her that her mother had been baptized and was now in a good place. Our lunch appointment was with a member who also was really shocked that Elba was gone. We asked for permission to go to the open casket because the family asked us to be there for them. We talked with them about her stories that we remembered, and they said that she was never good at remembering what we taught but she always remembered what hour and what soap opera was on...haha. We also taught Matias, he is living with his girlfriend and their son and he wants to marry her and share the gospel with her. We also had another lesson with Dora - she didn't understand a lot but she is really good.
Sunday - Mariana and her kids came dressed for church and I taught the principles of the Gospel about Baptism and we are very hopeful she and her 2 daughters will be baptized soon!

Remembering Elba